ÁmateAhora Pays-it-forward!

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Spoke with Dan Foltz today, from our ÁmateAhora Team Cincinnati, Ohio. and he shared his acts of kindness. Now we want to do the same. Pay-it-forward! So Dan visited his favorite Vegan restaurant and gave his business card as an Independent Contractor to the owner. He was asked if he can unclog his sink. Dan said yes, he unclogged the sink in 15mins, and handed him a Smile Card. Shared with him the pay-it-foward concept. Explained to him that you pay-it-forward by doing a random act of kindness for someone. Then present them with a smilecard to encourage them to pay-it-forward.

Cool right? We love. We are incorporating Smile | Sonie | χαμόγελο | and other languages too in our ÁmateAhora Movement, A Voice for Healthy Living. We went online @Kind_Spring and ordered our ‪#‎smilecards‬ to demonstrate ‪#‎RandomActsofKindness‬ to our @joinamate aficionados, caregivers, family, friends and those curious. Andiamo! can not wait. Sign up at http://www.joinamate.org




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