Made excuses all winter? End that and LoveUNow!

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Working out daily isn’t easy – especially if you have a schedule like mine – there is always something coming up! And with all being said, WE CAN make time, but most choose to just make blah blah excuses about why we can’t make it to the gym, walk, run, move, etc.

I’ve been making excuses all winter too. #CHIBERIA #CHITARCTA #CHILASKA #CHIARCTIC, you remember. Mind you I got a lot of work done. And guess what I slipped off my workout completely, and had abandoned the gym. It’s not like I haven’t really had the time, I just haven’t managed my time in the best way, and then let myself make excuses for not putting on my gym gear and getting to the gym.

It’s a spiraling road back to “FattyVille”, and there’s no way I’m taking that path. I’ve got to follow my own advice and get my fitness/lifestyle back on track…TODAY…all I have to do is just get there after work, and I’ll be shamed in to an AWEmazing workout. If you don’t see any check-in’s at the gym on my Facebook/Twitter streams continuously, call me out! You give me a shout out, I’ll do the same for you.

I get every bit of motivation helps.

I’ve been mindful all winter and now I’m in action (since the end of March). Just within a few weeks at our last weigh-in, April 17th, I dropped 4% body fat = A shocking 5 pounds! Nancy Gonzalez, Estella Hernandez have the pics. (I’ve got evidence, lol!) Clearly you don’t have to measure success by what is on the scale, focus on being fit. #GetUpMove. START TODAY! Join the #AmateAhora | LoveUNow Challenge! I can share with you my path. Or let’s create your own.


Energy is exhilirating

Earn Your Body


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