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Thanks to both dynamo radio hosts Luis Stalin Cruz and Norma Casarrubias for having me at Soy LatinoAmerica. We had a great time sharing how I met Norma “Amore”. All thanks goes to the one and only EL POTRILLO DE CHICAGO, David Guevara.

He highly recommended I reach out and meet her. Immediately I attended her Zumba class at Rosario Castellanos Community School 5pm-6pm, what a workout. The Zumba Mommas at Castellanos rock!


David Guevara

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Luis was very interested in my views on the importance to completing higher education and my perspective as an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist. Distinguishing a Clinical Psychologist from Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and sharing what steered my path.

We, ÁmateAhora, shared about the Urgency of the Critical State of Our Health. And the Power We Have to Choose to Live Healthy. Norma asked about my passion for health and where my inspiration came from. I was a pleasure to share and invite their radio audience to our Health Expo Saturday June 14th 10AM-4PM.

Signup at http://www.joinAmate.org

ÁmateAhora Health Expo

Luis Stalin Radio Host Radio Vive


Norma Casarrubias Radio Host RadioVive

Radio Host's at Radio Vive

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