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Alderman Daniel “Danny” Solis plans to stop by and share a few words in support of the ÁmateAhora Movement.

25th Ward Alderman Danny Solis

25th Ward  Daniel Solis

Alderman Solis brings vision, leadership, and action to the diverse 25th Ward community. Examples of Solis’ commitment to these communities can be witnessed as one travels the ward from Plaza Tenochtitlan, the new Dvorak Park and the expanded Mexican Fine Arts Museum at the heart of the Mexican Pilsen community to the newly created Ping Tong Park, an expanded housing development, and an improved Archer Courts Senior Housing Development within Chinatown, to the streetscaping of The Heart of Chicago, highlighting the best of Italian cuisine through its fine restaurants making each a premier stop for visitors and residents alike. To mention a few.

Amate Ahora Health Expo

Visit his office:
For City Services
1800 South Blue Island Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608
Phone: 773.523.4100

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