Must Not Miss Blissful Massage, Meet and Greet Guest Speaker Genesis Hey!

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Join us today 630pm and meet Genesis Hey! Author, Speaker, Momprenuer, Soon to be wife, and Mom! Genesis Hey

Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Lewis University Genesis Hey developed a strong desire to help other’s become strong and successful leaders. For over ten years she has had experience speaking to organizations across the country. She currently is a consultant, coach and author of two books “Unleash Your Potential” for young adults to take action in their lives and harness goals and “Hey, Do you Need Exposure?” which helps small business owners learn how to create videos that sell their business. She is revamping a few things and will soon have them both on Amazon. She is currently working on a third book which will be a devotional for women. She has developed a strong inspirational and motivational outlook on life and is full of energy and great ideas to help professionals succeed. She has a deep passion for helping guide other’s to break outside their comfort zone and unleash their full potential.

Mom's Night Out

Brought to you by Francielle Daly CEO & Founder of Full Time Mom 773-574-4733 1437 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60613 Francielle Daly

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