Chicagoan, Robin Williams you will be remembered by so many that laughed along with you or rode along side you.

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And I’m heeding the plea made by his wife, Susan Schneider: “As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.” by Sue Campbell Next Avenue Contributor. Read her article.

robin-williams-300 images-1Robin Williams Romances His Wife Susan Schneider During Paris Honeymoon

article-2061161-0EC9FDAE00000578-538_634x477 'Happy Feet Two' Los Angeles Premiere (USA ONLY)

Father, comedian, actor and even part of the cycling community. Such a tragic day for so many that laughed along with him or rode along side him.

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Adrian Sean CEO of Scones Clothing Company, from Pontiac, Michigan shared “I will never forget the story of him (Robin Williams) finding out about his biggest fan….a little boy with prosthetics. He bought the boy his racing prosthetics so he could run again, and ran a race beside him”.

One of favorite movie, Patch Adams!

Sue Campbell tells us Williams had his own self-confessed addictions, to cocaine and booze. He once told Diane Sawyer in an interview that his addiction wasn’t caused by anything, that it was “just there,” and he described it as “laying in wait” — one of the best summations I’ve heard for a disease that robs people of who they really are and are meant to be. Live Life to the Fullest

Williams worked hard to control his demons, entering rehab in 2006 when he fell off the wagon after 20 years sober, and joining a program for maintaining long-term sobriety at Minnesota’s Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center just last month.

Let Go of The Past
Now, it seems, Williams also had depression. The vicious dance of addiction and depression is well-known as a potentially lethal combination. For more Follow on Twitter @SuePCampbell.

RWTEAM Courtesy of Robin Williams Team.

If you know someone with thoughts of suicide, reach out before they slip away.

Manage Panic Attacks Not Tonight! Suicide Prevention 2014

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