You Free Today! Let’s Walk for Peace. Because You Matter! Let’s Meet 5PM Walk 7pm 3400 W. DIVISION

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“We use money to support wars, but neglect to feed the poor. People are walking around in a culture of darkness and we need to do something about it,” stated a passionate Robert Renteria. “Enough panel discussions talking about gang violence and statistics. As leaders, it’s time to walk the walk and bring a solution to these issues because that’s what leadership is all about. The ultimate weapon is not a loaded gun, but an educated mind.”

Let Go of The Past

We have all been affected by the violence and issues in our City. Tomorrow we will come together as a community fighting back against ALL the violence, drugs and gangs in our City. Lets stand together UNITED in numbers for JUSTICE, PEACE & CHANGE for our children’s future.

#stoptheviolence #breakthecodeofsilence

let us pray

Because You Matter! Por Que Importas!


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