ÁmateAhora is honored by being welcomed to Roosevelt’s inaugural Learning to Lead: Community Partner Mentoring Program

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Roosevelt University has established a Community Partner Mentoring Program to facilitate mentoring relationships between Roosevelt undergraduate students and leaders of area nonprofit community organizations. The program will provide opportunities for Roosevelt students to build leadership skills and gain practical experience while putting their knowledge of social justice theories to work. Read more. http://www.roosevelt.edu/communitypartner


Leticia Madrigal creates a culture of leaders causing leaders. Creating the experience of power and peace of mind by coming to terms with our health. Mobilizing healthy families and a healthy workforce at an individual, organizational and community level to be proactive worldwide.  Is the Principal Industrial/Organizational Psychologist at Madrigal Consulting; Founder and CEO of ÁmateAhora, Voices for Healthy Living.


This program has select dedicated and conscientious students who are interested in gaining insight and experience in community-oriented leadership. Partnering with established organizations that aim to support and transform Chicago communities. Students will benefit from being exposed to the executive-level responsibilities and functions that promote social justice.

Community organizations will benefit from students’ assistance with their efforts and from a strong relationship with Roosevelt University. Non-profits executive director’s benefits are twofold. Executive Directors can use the mentoring as a source of added resource to implement, support, and develop agency wide initiatives that may introduce best practices in specific areas. Executive Directors can develop future employees in the organization having being mentored in areas of need. Roosevelt University benefits by ensuring students gain workforce experience and exposure leading to student motivation for successful graduation.


For Students:

  • Yield meaningful learning about social justice theories in action through unique internship experiences, career guidance, and professional support from practicing professionals
  • Enhance participating students’ employability by strengthening their professional skills and leadership experience
  • Link current students to professional networks and leaders in Chicago

For Organizations:

  • Showcase the work and accomplishments of community organizations in a high-profile symposium
  • Provide points of integration with RU for community organizations and alumni
  • Partnerships could be suitable targets for grant funding to support RU and organizations
  • Prepare young men and women to take leadership roles in the future

Roosevelt University will be hosting its 1st Mentor and Protégés Match Day hosted by Roosevelt University on Friday, October 3 from 9:00-10:15 in room 1215 in the Wabash Building, at 425 South Wabash Avenue. Interested? Contact Assistant Provost Vargas at ivargas@roosevelt.edu


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