Not Feeling like Your “Usual Self” DETOX. I’m on Day 1 of 1O. You In?

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Ok so I’m ‘fessing up I am not feeling like my usual myself.  I don’t feel I’m looking my best either. And that’s not a great feeling to carry. I realize I’m over due in my detox routine. I consider it like a tuneup or reseting/rebooting my system. You may ask how often? Well I do my best to detox every season. and I am ready.

2014 Fall Fit Health Challenge!!! Join me


I’ll start detoxing by easing into a raw diet say, I increase my intake by 10% then 20%. I do that the first two days. I generally follow a 75% raw diet.


300I will be using a 7day RAW Cleanse. And throughout the 10 days I am working on my own version of The Master Cleanse.

Publication1234Master cleanse lemonadeMaster Cleanse 056edited

I will be sharing with you my Master Cleanse Journey.

My Master Cleanse concoction is heavy on the organic lemons including the skin and cayenne pepper. Gym, weight training and sauna too.


By the way for my 90day Fall Fit Challengees’ we are at 10 days away from our next weigh-in, Thursday October 30th. And I’m all in. I will be sharing with you my journey. Let’s do this and bring your gym shoes for the Zumba.

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