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Detox or Cleanse. CUSTOM-CLEANSE2-e1390584565922
Since this is not my first time detoxing I was looking for something that gave me 10 days of nutrient support and guidance, without being costly.

Once I chose the Garden of Life Raw Cleanse. I was ready to follow the “Master Cleanse- w Lemonade/Cayenne Pepper” prep tips before my cleanse/detox. Preparation allows you to ease into your journey. Which I highly recommend if this is your first time or haven’t cleansed/detoxed in awhile. I will be using this cleanse/detox combo method throughout my journey to rebalanced myself. Day 11-13 I will ease back in to my vegetarian life following a 75% raw daily routine. I suggest you take a few days to work back up from liquids to solids, slowly. Your body will thank you.

What’s the difference?

  • Detoxing seeks solely to eliminating toxins. Includes heavy metals, chemicals found in alcohol, cleaning products, cigarette smoke, prescribed medicine, etc from the body, sometimes specific organs and/or the blood stream.
  • Cleansing seeks mainly to clear out and clean up the GI tract, including eliminating toxic, compacted fecal matter from the bowels, parasites and fungi (like Candida).


You Call It We Track It!  AmateAhora 90 Health Challenge

On the first day of easing in, begin to develop more awareness about the foods you choose and notice which are fresh and raw. Focus on fresh and raw and eliminate all processed foods, meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Throw them out. These are temptations you want to stay away from. You know they are not healthy so don’t give them to your family or friends, either. Deal?


Detox benefits“Easing In” gives your body a chance to prepare. Most experts suggest a period of a couple days before you begin the actual detox. Make note what is the percentage of raw or fresh food you eat. And challenge yourself and add 20% raw daily.


Completely eliminate all processed foods, meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and processed sugars from your meals. Instead, opt for fresh, organic fruits and fresh, organic vegetables. Eat as much of your food raw as possible.


Switch to a liquid diet to prepare your body and mind for the days ahead. If you have a juicer or blender. I have the Nutri-bullet. I make fresh vegetable, fruit smoothies and juices from organic produce. You can also make light vegetable soups and broths for this day.

Bueno, Bonito, Barato! We are thrilled that Meztisoy is local, providing access to fresh juice, educating the community of its benefits, and offering ÁMATEAHORA! as a beverage of choice. Is a 16oz bunny elixer, gets your veggies in and gives you an opportunity to say hi to Sonia Co-Owner! Its a WIN-WIN. ÁMATEAHORA contains organic Carrot Celery Cabbage Broccoli Lettuce OJ. 1757 W. 18th Street 312-261-5556


Cabbage juice contains glutamic acid that is highly beneficial for the health of your intestinal tract. People suffering from stomach/peptic ulcer or inflammation has found cabbage juice to be very healing. Some find relief within 2-3 days of daily drinking the juice, some are healed within two weeks from drinking this miracle juice.

Most stomach ulcers could be caused by long-term medication especially aspirin (blood thinner). If you’re on medication, work with your physician to temporarily stop or change your medication when drinking cabbage juice. Once stomach ulcer is healed, the cause of the ulcers will have to be removed to prevent recurrence. Also avoid harmful foods for speedier healing.

Because it’s so effective for maintaining the stomach pH balance, cabbage juice is also beneficial for helping to remedy IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and gastritis. However, the taste of cabbage is rather unpalatable. A good combo is adding carrots, celery and broccoli which are all very mild and gentle on the injured stomach lining, also protecting against constipation and colon problems- ÁMATEAHORA at MeztiSoy.


It’s a 3 step program, the first is done before breakfast and includes a mouth rinse to support oral health and overall immune system function. The second step is 3 capsules taken with lunch and 3 with dinner to support normal removal of environmental toxins. The 3rd and final step is a powder taken with a minimum of 12 oz of water which helps to catch and hold undesirable compounds in the digestive tract taken about an hour before bed.


Step 1 of the cleanse, is the mouth rinse, which I really enjoy. P1000319Start observing your tongue’s health. The more its a healthy pink and less like the pic on the right, is best. The Toxin Defense contains a unique combination of oral and intestinal probiotics that work in the mouth to help inhibit harmful toxins from traveling further in the body. This “point-of-entry” defense contributes to overall immune function and promotes microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract for proper digestion and elimination.The mouth rinse wdrz-tonguechartas interesting, just pour the packet into your mouth add water and swish for 45 seconds. I am working up to 3minutes. You are supposed to swallowed it because of the probiotics but I spit it out. I do have to time it. I’ve been a good swisher which is probably why I have incorporated the coconut oil swishing for a few minutes, too. I am determined. TOXINS OUT!

For breakfast I make a smoothie. Filtered water, a banana and a scoop of Garden of Life Raw Perfect Food, Yum. A spoonful of omega3 to top it off and take my vitamins. Omega 3 is excellent for the Brain. And take the 3 of 6 capsules for RAW CLEANSE.




I start my Master Cleanse! each afternoon. I got this! Filtered water, scoop of Master Cleanse, organic lemons with skin, and extra cayeene. I also add a few slices of cucumber.I blend three batches in my Nutribullet. And drink it throughout the day.


Wow!!! Day 4 felt grouchy, irritable, sleepy. I took a shower and apologized to everyone. Then I was fine. I made a raw green salad with Broccolettes. Felt great to eat some thing warm. I let the Broccolettes steam for 2-3mins in coconut oil with herb seasoning and sea salt. Lots of bowel movement!!!  Products are working as scheduled. Ended the evening by taking the last 3 of 6 capsules. And my fiber shake. I’m feeling lighter, waking up with out alarm, mind sharp. Very plRebooteased.

Stay Tuned for my Next 5 days with my Master Cleanse and Garden of Life RAW SuperGreens Cleanse/Detox combo. Then the post Cleanse/Detox combo – A Balance Self.

I’m on fluids, smoothies and master cleanse. By 5pm I have a raw salad and grilled Broccolettes They’re a cruciferous vegetable derived from a cross between broccoli and the Chinese kale called gai lan. And end the night I take the final step. A powder taken with a minimum of 12 oz of water which helps to catch and hold undesirable compounds in the digestive tract taken about an hour before bed.

Sometimes you may not feel well. It maybe your system going thru withdrawal. Happens when you consume lots of anything. Including smoke, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, sugar, drugs etc.

stirfry-broccolette2-Watermarked-512x341What to Eat?

  • Drink at least the recommended 64 ounces of filtered water each day.
  • Eat fresh fruit, vegetables particularly crucifers and bitter greens (such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, endive and radicchio), seeds, nuts and lean protein- organic whenever possible, with wild caught fish.
  • Increase your healthy fat intake by adding 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon each of organic coconut oil, flaxseed oil, cod liver oil and olive oil per day to your diet.
  • Keep high allergen foods, such as dairy and wheat products to a bare minimum.
  • Eliminate caffeine, tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages.
  • Eliminate added sugar, refined flour, processed foods and fatty food with trans fats.
  • Eliminate skin care products with ingredients you can’t pronounce.
  • Use natural cleaning products.

Stay tuned to read more of the rest of my week.

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