“Understanding yourself…This will be your true source of lasting sparkles.” via @hhavrilesk #ÁmateAhora

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Today, the second day of 2015, is a good Friday to reflect and consider taking on the things we’ve never done. Here’s to saying the things we’ve never had a chance to say to each other. Here’s to letting go of the things we’ve been dragging for years. Here’s to embracing the beauty within. Here’s to welcoming lasting sparkles. Consider we’ve been surrounded by sparkles for years, but most of the time we couldn’t see them. We can’t do anything about that. But let us vow to find more sparkles this year, okay?

first-love-yourself1Real, lasting sparkles come from one person, a person with the audacity to believe in happiness, to believe in love, to believe that you are special, in spite of great flaws. Real sparkles are generated every second of every day, from one side of the world to the other, in crowded subways and in one-bedroom apartments, on rainy days and in shadowy corners of a cold room. Real sparkles can be found right here, right now. Consider making yourself a cup of tea. Consider how loved you are, right now, even though things may not be going your way. You might not find love for a while, but you can believe in it anyway.


Love can’t happen between two people who are sinking. The sparkles that come from “Can you save me? Will you save me?” go dark in a matter of weeks or months.


Let’s look very closely, and notice the sparkles that surround us, as much as we can.
#AmateAhora challenges you to find SPARKLES within.

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Heather Havrilesky @hhavrilesky. Heather is the Ask Polly columnist at , columnist at ,  contributor. Author of memoir Disaster Preparedness: amzn.to/eND7n2

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