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Leticia Madrigal, MA – Valvular Heart Disease Champion, HeartLand District, Chicago, IL

Breaking the Silence…
Leticia is a marathon aficionado, advocate, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, entrepreneur, and caregiver. Mom a pacemaker recipient, after years of not managing her Type2 Diabetes, it damaged her heart and kidneys. Dad passed from a Heat Stroke that led to a massive heart attack. Chronic Illness is a silent killer. She was inspired to break the silence, share her family’s story and founded ÁmateAhora, Voices for Health. Interested in learning more visit http://www.joinAmate.org/


Her HeartStory…
After attending an American Heart Association Conference. She met WomenHeart, shared her family’s story, and was selected as a National Spokeswoman for HeartHealth specifically for the Hispanic/Latino Market. WomenHeart, The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease is a non-profit patient advocacy organization that supports, educates and advocates on behalf of the 42 million American women living with or at risk of heart disease, the #1 killer of women. For more information visit http://www.womenheart.org/

Thanks to WomenHeart, insisting she see a Cardiologist, they saved her life. Fall 2014 she was first detected with a Heart Murmur, later diagnosed with Valvular Regurgitation aka “Leaky Valves”. It’s a condition where the valves don’t close properly making her heart work harder. Now Leticia has her own heart story. Speaking as a caregiver and advocate now patient heart champion.

Sharing her HeartStory Nationwide…
Leticia Madrigal MA, National Spokesperson for WomenHeart teamed up with a stellar lineup including a bilingual Cardiologist, Fitness Instructor, and bilingual Blood Pressure Screener for the HeartOfFitnessTour para La Mujer Hispana all in the name of Heart Health thanks to Burlington.

HeartOfFitnessTour travels the Nation including Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Arizona, and California, among others. Burlington donates $1 for every dress sold every February-March. Visit a location near you and help support WomenHeart. Bringing awareness to the 42M women living with heart disease and the million more at risk. http://www.burlingtoncoatfactory.com/

Mujeres Hispanas Están en Mayor Riesgo…
¿Sabía usted que la enfermedad cardiaca es la principal causa de muerte entre las mujeres en Estados Unidos y que las mujeres hispanas están en mayor riesgo? Un reciente estudio indica que por lo menos el 71% de las mujeres hispanas tienen por lo menos un factor de riesgo asociado con enfermedades cardiacas. Para mas información visita http://www.womenheart.org/

Knowing is Not Enough…
Thought she was protected from heart disease, due to her healthy lifestyle, but quickly learned that every woman is at risk. Leticia urges you to be your family’s Heart Health Champion. She shares, “There comes great peace and power in coming to terms with our health and being proactive. ÁmateAhora, LoveYouNow, Tomorrow May Be Too Late.”

Leticia Madrigal creates a culture of leaders causing leaders. Creating the experience of power and peace of mind by coming to terms with our health. Mobilizing healthy families and workforce at an individual, organizational and community level to be proactive worldwide. Is the Principal Industrial/Organizational Psychologist at Madrigal Consulting; Founder and CEO of ÁmateAhora, Voices for Health.

ÁmateAhora, Voices for Health…
ÁmateAhora is a non-profit bilingual, multicultural and powerfully diverse team of transformation agents standing to Live Healthy Worldwide! Rolling out free health services year round. Producing an Annual health expo (Fall 2015), leading 90Day Health Challenges (Monthly) supervised via Behavioral Psychologist Leticia Madrigal MA and Family Physician, Weight & Metabolism Specialist Dr. Estella Hernandez MD, hosting ZUMBA Sessions (Weekly), and we advocate for health (Daily). Visit http://www.joinAmate.org/

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