Governor Rauner we urge you to restore Immigrant Services, 23 essential services suspended including Health Care and Nutrition

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On Friday afternoon, April 3rd, the Illinois Department of Human Services suspended funding for 23 essential programs, including Immigrant Services, effective immediately. This is a devastating blow to our communities. We are rallying at the Thompson Center to demand that Governor Rauner restore the Immigrant Services and the other 23 essential services. Cutting programs that return five dollars for every dollar invested shows poor business sense, and playing politics with the services our families need is poor governance. Gather and use your voice to tell Governor Rauner that we will not stand for this attack on immigrant families!


One of our fellow ÁmateAhora Voices for Health Advocates, Anahi Tapia, shares with us, “As you may know by now, Governor Rauner, in a sneaky and cowardly move, cut off funding for all immigrant services in Illinois last Friday afternoon, effective immediately. As of today, immigrants across Illinois lose access to assistance regarding US citizenship, health care, nutrition, and other services that help them thrive and contribute to our economy and community. For someone who portrays himself as a smart businessman committed to our state’s economic recovery, Governor Rauner seems oblivious to the five-fold returns that our state’s investment in immigrant communities create for our entire state”. 3fdf431

Anahi Calls Us to Action (Anahi Tapia Picture, right) 
This week it is critical for Governor Rauner to hear from you that ending immigrant services is unacceptable. We need you to step up on behalf of immigrants across Illinois and tell the governor to reinstate services immediately. Here’s what we need you to do today:

1. Call Governor Rauner’s office now: 217-782-0244 and tell him to reinstate funding for immigrant services immediately.

2. Sign up to join ICIRR Action in person at a protest Wednesday at noon at the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago.

3. Forward this to 5 people you know and ask them to join you in calling the Governor’s office today and coming to the action on Wednesday.

If there were ever a time that we needed you, it’s today. Please take 5 minutes now to act for immigrants across Illinois.

Governor Rauner, Restore Our Essential Services! Follow the link for more information.

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