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Its my pleasure sharing “My Journey to Health” with you, I get lots of feedback from each of you and personal testimony. “Let’s continue to be Voices for Health!”


If you are interested in collaborating with Ámate Ahora Health Expo​ please connect asap.

We host 90 Day Health Challenges w Dr. Estella Hernandez MD four times a year. We also have our annual health expo coming up Thursday October 1st at the National Museum of Mexican Art.

*** *** OPPORTUNITIES *** ***
*Opportunity for Speakers:
We are always looking for (monthly) speakers
*Opportunity for Business:
We seek sponsors (to provide prizes for 5 Health Champions) for their performance on 90 Day Health Challenge! And we seek sponsors for our Annual Health Expo email me at madrigalconsulting@gmail.com
*Leadership Opportunity:
We seek those interested in event planning and coordination, models (to serve as ambassadors), social media ambassadors, community ambassadors etc.

_Interested please email me by Thursday June 18th or stop by Diez Y Ocho​ 2000 W. 18th St 6-8PM and be part of the Celebration!!!_

EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to our sponsor NutriMedicos for supervising the performance of our 90Day Health Challengers.

SWEAT & SMILE w ÁmateAhora LoveYourselfNow!!
We host weekly ZUMBA classes special thanks to Diez Y Ocho for sponsoring their breathtaking space Mon-Thurs 6PM at 2000 W. 18th St 2nd floor!!!

Here is our schedule Monday’s you can SWEAT w ZIN Gerardo Limon: ACE Certified Personal Trainer​ 6PM at 2000 W. 18th St (18th St & Damen), Gerardo Limon Tues-Thurs 8AM at 3000 S. LAWNDALE, Tues & Thurs w Fitness Instructors Paulina Gonzalez & Carlos Lomeli (*Starting June 23rd at 2000 W. 18th Street 2nd Floor), And Tues-Thurs 6PM & Sat 12PM Coach Oscar Reyes leads our ZUMBA classes at outside at the tennis court in Cornell Park​ on 51st & Wood!


Leticia Madrigal M.A.
Tweet with me @joinamate
Industrial Organizational Psychologist
773.587.5909c MadrigalL Consulting

Support us with a LIKE on our Facebook page, thanks for being a Voice for Health!
Ámate Ahora Health Expo

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