My Father My Hero…

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Natalio C. Madrigal Sr My Father My Hero
We’d love to laugh and take pictures…

When I was growing up my father was a gentle man, kind, courteous, and attentive. No need for others, he was my best friend. With a spirit that kept me active at home and on the field. He showed me the beauty in living on the court, ready to play not being afraid to sweat. We walked, biked, shared his passion for boxing, and baseball. We enjoyed the hustle and bustle of working, going to school, traveling, enjoying life with family and friends.

Had I Known Then What I Know Now…

As a child I was always in the ambulance suffering nosebleeds. Summers were taxing since it was pretty serious then. He’d be the one taking me to the hospital until it was resolved. My dad was always a phone call away even after my parents retired to Mexico. It pains me to acknowledge had I known then what I know now he would still be alive today. My father passed away from a heat stroke, which led to a massive heart attack.

Knowing The Signs and Symptoms of Heart Disease…

Thought he was protected from chronic illness, due to his love for walking and keeping hydrated, his lifelong commitment not to smoke, drink alcohol, nor coffee. Yet as he approached his 80s he walked less complaining about his knees, he’d eat the same so he gained weight. He fell a few times, blaming it on his knees. His vision declined. He’d walk with his mouth opened, stopped laughing ‘cause he couldn’t catch his breath. Slept during the day for hours, and both his parents died of a heart attack. He would put off regular checkups. Signs were all there we just didn’t take a stand for his health. I urge you to be your family’s Health Champion. “There comes great power and peace in coming to terms with our health. Be proactive. Ámate Ahora means Love Your Self Now, Tomorrow May Be Too Late.”

Sharing Our Commitment for Health Worldwide…

As an International Spokeswoman for Community Health Leadership on behalf of Ámate Ahora we co-led with multiple doctors on the importance of our health specifically at our Annual Expo Salud in the Dominican Republic and United States. Amate Ahora invites you to our Annual Health Expo Saturday October 1 at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. (here is the link)

We served over 500 families in the Dominican Republic thanks to the 15 medical doctors that performed medical screenings, fed participants farm fresh food, and exercised. Shared our families Heart Story Nationwide including 55 Burlington stores in the U.S. We had the grand opportunity to lead the 2016 February Heart Health Campaign with WomenHeart, where we produced two videos one for the public and a PSA for the 3,000 U.S Burlington Associates! Heart Health ads were in 563 stores across the nation. You can check out our WomenHeart video:

Take Charge of Your Health…

Even if you feel fine go see a doctor for regular checkups. Some diseases don’t have symptoms at first. Watch out for signs of health problems like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Depression Leticia Madrigal, MA – Psychologist Advocating for Our Health, Chicago, IL

Take this men’s health quiz to find out*

Get screening tests that are right for you*

Make sure you are up to date on important shots
Eat healthy and get active

My Father My Hero…

I encourage everyone to acknowledge their hero and get them checked. Check out our Ámate Ahora video: Join Amate #MensHealthMonth #AmateAhora

*Information provided thanks to The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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