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Obesity is NOT OK! And weight-based bullying, fat-shaming NOT OK! Sign the OAC’s Petition to Remove all apps with fat-shaming.

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Salsa_Page_Petition_Header Sign Here http://salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/51094/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=11481

Along with potentially serious health problems, obesity also carries with it the burden of being the last acceptable form of discrimination in today’s society. Because of this, Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is calling on Amazon Inc., Apple Inc., Google Inc. and the Microsoft Corporation to take the following actions:

Remove all applications perpetuating fat-shaming
Modify application review guidelines to exclude the approval of any application perpetuating weight bias, stigma or fat-shaming

Fat-shaming apps have the potential to continue the cycle of weight-based bullying in our Nation. Add your voice to removing fat-shaming apps: Apps such as, “Fatify,” “Fatbooth,” “Fat You” and others greatly perpetuate fat-shaming and weight bias in today’s society. childhood-obesity

Children are the primary users of these types of apps, and the apps are teaching children that the disease of obesity is a funny cosmetic issue, which we know is not true.

A letter by OAC President/CEO Joe Nadglowski and OAC Chairman Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA, appeared in the Sunday New York Times! Read the full letter about why obesity is an important health issue and that fat shaming can actually make it worse: Stop Weight Based Shaminghttp://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/06/29/opinion/is-obesity-ok.html?_r=0

Approximately 30 percent of girls with excess weight and 24 percent of boys with excess weight report being teased by peers at school. These apps have the potential to further exacerbate weight-based bullying and fat-shaming – especially in children. Stop weight shaming

The Health of Your Home Begins with you! Stop Childhood Obesity! La Salud De Tu Hogar Comienza Contigo! childhood_obesity


How’s your circle working for you? are you reciprocating

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Dear ÁmateAhora friends, how disheartening to have read a recent post.

As you move forward in life you may need to change your circle of friends. Everyone around you isn’t interested in seeing you improve.

Some Drill Hole in Your Boat-2

It is disheartening to perceive disengagement, ill will, or indifference of your success within your circle of friends. I agree whether rivalry or not; intuitive or a fact. Being an advocate for collaboration vs competition. Works! Being in communication and servicing each other for a greater good moves you and your circle of friends forward, collectively. While working in silos are prevalent in a world of “a me and me alone” attitude, handling win-lose negotiations, ineffective communication, stagnating lead talent, taking high risks, and compromising your team. All may end in long term headaches and a depleting life.

connect. grow. serve. go Success comes with grace and ease when joining forces with the best while consistently nurturing each other by acknowledging your friends, fellow colleagues, team mates, partners grand contribution! Moving each other collectively. I agree let us choose to infinitely expand our circle of explosively brilliant and generous friends.

Cheers ÁmateAhora friends! Here’s to a life of grace and ease! Reciprocate!

HISPANIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP SURGE! Learn More at Tonight’s HispanicPro Forum. August 19 at Vertigo Sky Lounge

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“The Partnership for a New American Economy and the Latino Donors Collaborative today released a new report showing how the number of Hispanic entrepreneurs in America has grown exponentially over the past two decades, powering the economy during the recent recession. Hispanic immigrants in particular are now more likely to be entrepreneurs than the average member of the U.S. population overall.” This report was prepared by Marie T. Mora, Ph.D. and Alberto Dávila, Ph.D of the University of Texas – Pan American. READ MORE >> http://network.hispanicpro.com/profiles/blogs/new-report-shows-surge-in-rate-of-hispanic-entrepreneurship

Maricela Vazquez Join me with Maricela Vazquez of Telemundo Chicago as moderator at tonight’s Sales & Entrepreneurship Networking Forum. Vertigo Sky Lounge
2 W Erie St Chicago, IL 60654 Tuesday, August 19, 2014 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM (CDT)
Vazquez is the first and only Spanish speaking Latina Meteorologist in Chicago Media. And the only Latina meteorologist in Chicago with the National Weather Association seal. Maricela’s passion for meteorology has achieved a certification in “severe weather watch”. Served internationally as entertainment reporter in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Karla Mina Karla Mina, Broker Consultant, Coldwell Banker, TV & Radio Host. Karla started her career at the assignment desk for Telemundo, Channel 44. Then focused on 17 Million dollar marketing budgets. Built marketing strategies and gained a great deal of insight into the world of marketing, and real estate, her true love.

Yai Vargas, National Marketing Manager, Latino Market, New York Life Insurance Company. Travels to 40 cities around the US where she drives local community initiatives promoting financial literacy and planning for the Latino community. Yai Vargas

Joseph DeLaGarza Joseph De La Garza, Senior Business Counselor, Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Assists Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) in obtaining a certification as an MBE, connecting to Fortune 500 companies in order to sell their goods and services, exporting to other countries and identifying financing opportunities to expand their business or refinance existing debt.




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Coaching 30 extraordinary beings at their Access to Power thru Communication Course.

This course offers an opportunity to invent who you and others are, discover possibilities & opportunities where you once considered “wrong or not right”, gain an appreciation for who people are, “listening” such that you bring life to both the speaker and what’s spoken, be present to the power of your word, your self-expression and cause others to be in effective action. Interested? Curious?Inbox me. Be my VIP guest. Thursday June 12th 7pm 850 S. Wabash.


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Ready to Play w Knight Moves Chess Club! at AmateAhora Health Expo

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Ámate Ahora visiting with our very own and most distinguished Hector Hernandez. This June he’s celebrating his 35th Anniversary as Director of the Rudy Lozano Branch. One of the most visited libraries of the Chicago Public Library in Pilsen. We also met YOUmedia Coordinator Viviana. (see the pic).

YOUmedia… So the design of the YOUmedia experience is based on the research of Professor Mizuko Ito and colleagues, Living and Learning with Digital Media (2008). This ethnographic study of more than 700 youth found that young people participate with digital media in three ways: (1) they “hang out” with friends in social spaces such as Facebook; (2) they “mess around” or tinker with digital media, making simple videos, playing online games, or posting pictures in Flickr; and (3) they “geek out” in online groups that facilitate exploration of their core interests.

Branch libraries with YOUmedias, offer middle school students an opportunity to take workshops such as Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Digital Music, Digital Video, and Radio/Podcasting. Pretty cool! Uber special bonus YOUmedia is considering capturing the ÁmateAhora Health Expo!

Ready to Play w Knight Moves Chess Club at AmateAhora Health Expo. Check their video out.
http://vimeo.com/35227730 For more information on KMCC, contact Hector R. Hernandez at hernande@chipublib.org or (312) 746-4329.

The Knight Moves Chess Club (KMCC) is also located at the Rudy Lozano branch of the Chicago Public Library, the largest Spanish-language library in the city located in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. The club was formed in September, 1989 with a $100 contribution from a local businessman which was used to purchase 12 chess sets. The club has been run ever since by Hector Hernandez, the library’s branch manager, a former president of ICA, and an award-winning leader in Chicago’s adult and youth chess scene for more than 30 years.



Knight Moves Chess Club