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“I Got The Beauty in Giving the Best Gift, LISTENING” -Leticia Madrigal MA

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Made a Grand Difference in My Life…
I will be coaching for one of my favorite courses this Sunday for Landmark Worldwide. The Communication Curriculum made a grand difference in my life. Among the many eye-opening moments, “I truly got the beauty in giving the best gift, LISTENING”. Leticia Madrigal MA


Access to Power…
The Communication Course: Access to Power led by Dr.Rita Glass​. More than 50 participants out to gain access to a new world of communication where listening and speaking—actions that we typically think of as ordinary and commonplace—take on new dimensions and provide unexpected power.


Power to Create…
The Advanced Communication Course: The Power to Create also led by the Powerful Dr. Rita Glass​ Where you make communication vivid and real, with structures and tools that leave you with powerful new ways of generating possibilities, designing opportunities, and moving your commitments to fulfillment.


ÁmateAhora celebrates, National MeasureUp PressureDown Action Day!

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MUPD_Process_LogoTag_TMHigh blood pressure (hypertension)

Its a leading risk factor for heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and diabetes complications. Known as the “silent killer,” high blood pressure often has no symptoms until serious problems occur. Many people have high blood pressure and can go for years without knowing they have the life-threatening disease. Nearly one out of three American adults (68 million) has high blood pressure. Less than half have their conditions under control.

@joinAmate Improving blood pressure
Control requires an expanded effort and an increased focus from healthcare systems, providers, patients, employers, and the entire nation. Join us daily ZUMBA Mon-Thur 6PM, our 90 Day Health Challenges, meets monthly, annual ÁmateAhora Health Expo.

ÁMATEAHORA Spring2Primavera FB

Measure Up/Pressure Down®
Is a three-year national campaign designed to engage these important stakeholders in improving blood pressure control and achieving lasting improvements that lead the way to greater health, productivity.



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TEAMWORK w AmateAhora

Opportunity to be part of the ZUMBA Fitness Instructor Team w #AmateAhora-

EQUIPO con AmateAhora

Opportunidad de ser parte del equipo de Instructores de ZUMBA con #AmateAhora-


When: This Mon 6pm and 8PM & Tues 6PM. 


Para este Lunes 6PM y 8PM. Tambien Martes 6PM. 



4715 S. Ashland 2ND FLR

Interested or Know Someone INBOX. Dejame Menaje Privado. ASAP! Dejame Menaje Privado. ASAP —madrigalconsulting@gmail.com 

Facebook: Amate Ahora Health Expo



Meet & Greet our Professional Photographer! Yesenia Ayala

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Yesenia Ayala
Photos for a Cause, 

Every Sunday @Piotrowski Park thanks to the Benito Juarez Baseball League President Raciel Castro and Board of Directors, #AmateAhora Voices for Health is thriving.

Latinos Unidos Team Pic

Yesenia you are a beautiful and powerful woman. May god bless you and the Ayala Family. Thanks Yesenia for joining ÁmateAhora! And being a Voice for Diabetes in your Community. You are helping ÁmateAhora Transform Health Worldwide.

ÁmateAhora Voices for Health
Fotos por una Causa, ÁmateAhora
Saluda y Conozca nuestra fotógrafa profesional! Yesenia Ayala. Todos los domingos @Piotrowski Park gracias a La Liga Mexicana de Beisbol Benito Juarez Presidente Raciel Castro y la Directiva, #AmateAhora Voces para la Salud esta presente y activos. Yesenia usted es una mujer hermosa de gran alcance y talento. Que dios la bendiga y la familia Ayala. Gracias por unirse con ÁmateAhora! Y por ser una Voz Para la Diabetes. Gracias por unirte con ÁmateAhora a Transformar la Salud Mundial.

ÁmateAhora Voces Para La Salud

Día del Locutor!! Saludos y Gracias por Compartir Su Voz

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Se celebra el 18 de abril de cada año, instituido por medio del Decreto N° 4476 publicado el 2 de abril de 1974 por orden del Presidente Constitucional de la República DR. Joaquín Balaguer Ricardo. Se escogió el 18 de abril debido a que en el año 1938, la entonces Dirección General de Telecomunicaciones llevó a cabo por primera vez exámenes para conceder carné oficial a los locutores. sobre el día del locutor dominicano que es cada 18 de abril de cada año.  

Mil Gracias a El Genio De La Radio DJArgenis de TeleMicro en La República Dominicana, Jarabacoa. Argenis gracias por tu tiempo, talento, y tu voz animando al mundo y dándonos vitalidad para nuestra causa AmateAhora Voces Para La Salud!!!! Aquí mi colegas de Locucion en http://www.PLANETAXLIVE.com. Un reconocimiento en especial para la Licenciada Edna Rodriguez por ser mi Coach de Locucion y Productor Ejecutivo Xavier Cambray por incorporarme en su equipo. Fuerte Abrazo!

Muchos se preguntan y por qué el 18 de abril y no otro día? Todo comenzó el 18 de abril del año 1938 donde el Departamento de Comunicaciones del Gobierno Dominicano realizó en Santo Domingo el primer examen para aspirante a locutores con la intención de regularizar la radiodifusión nacional. 

Entre los primeros participantes se encontraba Expedy Pou, Homero León Díaz y Pedro Julio Santana, padre y desde entonces el locutor es considerado un profesional de la palabra hablada. 

Para el 2 de abril de 1974 fue publicado mediante Decreto No.4476 por orden del Presidente Constitucional de la República Dr. Joaquín Balaguer Ricardo fue instituido de que el 18 de abril de cada año sea celebrado el día del locutor dominicano y hoy en día en el país, actualmente se estima que hay más de 30,000 locutores y locutoras autorizados por la Comisión Nacional de Espectáculos Públicos y Radiofonía.


ÁmateAhora Voices for Health honored at NEWCITY’s MTZ Martial Arts Academy!

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ÁMATEAHORA Spring2Primavera FB
Join us at our new home
ÁmateAhora Voices for Health is honored to be chosen by MTZ Martial Arts Academy and Coach Oscar Reyes as their cause of choice.

MTZ Martial Arts Academy


Fernando Martinez Thanks to the support of Fernando Martinez​ Head Instructor Taekwondo,
CEO at MTZ Martial Arts Academy we have a new home in NEW CITY.

Interested in taking Taekwondo call Fernando Martinez 312.785.0668. 1st Month is FREE!!!

A Jugar Pelota con AmateAhora
Coach Oscar Reyes, ÁmateAhora’s Head ZUMBA Fitness Instructor

Special thanks to Coach Oscar Reyes​, ÁmateAhora’s Head ZUMBA Fitness Instructor for making this miraculous collaboration possible.


More ZUMBA! Thanks again to Coach Oscar Reyes we will be now be offering ZUMBA Monday-Thursday 6PM at our new home in New City with our sound system, wall to wall mirrors and cushioned floors!

100% stated that they will take steps to improve their heart health, W@W spoke today at The FAA.

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WomenHeart @ Work (W@W) 

W@W is WomenHeart’s educational initiative to raise heart health awareness where so many Americans put their hearts every day – the workplace.

at The (FAA) Federal Aviation Adrministration April 2, 2015

Leticia Madrigal MA, WomenHeart National Spokeswoman, Por La Mujer Latina. Thanks to Burlington.  (Ms. Madrigal, Photo above)

And Alberta England WomenHeart Champion and Support Group Coordinator for NorthWest Suburbs.  (Mrs. England Photo below). 

Today W@W spoke at The Federal Aviation Administration about Heart Health

Call to request a WomenHeart@Work speaker for your organization at our office in Washington DC (Headquarters). English #202.464.8735 or Español #800.676.6002.

Click this link for more information. http://womenheart.site-ym.com/default.asp?page=Programs_WHWork



A survey of W@W audiences found the following: 

91% reported that the information presented was new for them. 

96% reported that the presentation improved their knowledge of heart disease risk factors and how to detect a heart attack. 

100% stated that they will take steps to improve their heart health, such as eating better, exercising more, and developing ways to manage stress.


Meet Gerry Yumul 2015 “I am CardioSmart” Grand Prize Winner thanks to the ACC

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Gerry Yumul – Coronary Artery Disease, Victoria, MN
@CardioSmart, American College of Cardiology
While at the dental office in February, I disclosed my chest pain and trip to urgent care, but the dentist said that I should be fine since I wasn’t experiencing any unusual symptoms. But when he injected Novocain into my gums, I fainted and was out for around 7 seconds. After I came to, the dentist strongly recommended that I go back to urgent care. My wife drove me to urgent care, where I got an ECG and was advised to see a cardiologist.

The following week I saw my first cardiologist, Dr. Pagan-Carlo. He took my vital signs and recommended that I get a stress test the following day. The test showed that my resting heart rate was fine but my stressed heart rate was abnormal. I went back to my cardiologist and he strongly advised me to get a coronary angiogram and potentially an angioplasty as well. I was asked then to make a decision and consent to the procedure. This is when I think the knowledge gained from working at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation came into play. I wasn’t inclined to get any major heart procedure since I felt fine that day. But the symptoms and their potential consequences, which I had seen in a lot of communications materials at work, helped me decide that the smarter decision was to follow my cardiologist’s advice.

The recovery period was a huge learning experience for me. In cardiac rehab, I learned how to gradually regain my strength, to live a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition and stress management, to develop a way to cope with emotional challenges and appreciate the important things in life, like family and friends. The recovery and health improvements I have made to date validate all my effort and perseverance in changing my lifestyle.

CardioSmart is the patient education and support program developed by the American College of Cardiology. Its mission is to engage, inform and empower patients to better prepare them to participate in their own care. In 2013, CardioSmart established the “I am CardioSmart” contest to find individuals who were living well with specific heart disease conditions: high blood pressure, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, previous heart attack or coronary artery disease, and showcase their stories to inspire other patients. www.cardiosmart.orgwww.facebook.com/CardioSmart.

For the “I am CardioSmart” contest they asked the public how well are you living with heart disease. The responses were overwhelming! Their expert panel chose one winner in the following categories: Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Heart Failure, Congenital Heart Defect and Coronary Artery Disease. The winner in each category received a $100 Amazon/iTune gift card and have their stories featured on CardioSmart.org.

ÁmateAhora, Voices for Health will post for the next five days their inspiring stories from each of the 4 winners and the grand prize winner—a trip for two to San Diego, CA. And speak at the American College of Cardiology.


It’s National Doctor Day!!! @joinAmate WE THANK YOU!

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11064624_752305741543024_7583491269542494477_nWE THANK YOU!
Dr. Estella Hernandez​,MD/MPH, Dr. Annabelle Volgman,
Dr. Eduardo Montoya, Psy.D., Dr. Enrique Garcia-Sayan MD, Dr. Julie Ramos, MD, Dr. Karla Campos-Bekardi MD,
Dr. Rafaela Weffer, Dr. Sharonne Hayes, Dr. Steven Rothschild MD, Dr. Mercedes Martinez MD, Dr. Juanita Mora MD​!


Agradecimiento especial…
Para la Dra Estella Hernández MD/MPH de NutriMedicos ella nos ha bendecido con su continua generosidad collaborando con el Movimiento de ÁmateAhora. Dr. Estella Hernández, MD/MPH es doctora familiar y especialista Bariátrica, de Metabolismo y Peso. También practica Medicina Funcional. Mil gracias por su apoyo generoso y valioso tiempo.

ÁmateAhora, Voces Para La Salud…
ÁmateAhora es único, en el que somos agentes de transformación poderosos y diversos armados para abogar por un bienestar óptimo. Ofrecemos acceso a servicios de Salud en Español! Celebramos Anual con un Expo de Salud, Reto de 90 días (Mensual), ZUMBA (Semanal), y Abogamos para la Salud (Diario). ÁmateAhora causa líderes, Campeones de Salud. Creamos voces unificadas y comprometidas a movilizar a nuestra comunidad a ser responsables de nuestra salud un día a la vez!

Transformar Nuestra Salud al nivel Mundial…
Ayudamos a los millones que viven con enfermedades y los millónes más que están en riesgo. ÁmateAhora quiere seguir desarrollando relaciones con organizaciones como NutriMedicos que están comprometidos y dispuestos a trabajar en esta misión. Para elevar un sentido de urgencia de nuestra salud especialmente de las enfermedades crónicas. La atención al paciente, dar apoyo para los cuidadores de los pacientes, e inspirar la vida sana en general; educar a las familias sobre la prevención y manejo de enfermedades crónicas y asistir a la comunidad a tomar medidas para su salud.

Nosotros @joinAmate damos gracias…
¡Únase con nosotros en dar reconocimiento a la Dr. Estella Hernández, MD/MPH por su gran trabajo y generosa contribución como Mujer Destacada, en nombre de ÁmateAhora te damos gracias por tu labor. Por favor muestren apoyo con un GUSTA, comentario, y/o compartan.


Extra Special Thanks
Dr. Estella Hernandez MD/MPH from NutriMedicos! Dr. Estella Hernandez MD, MPH both a Family Physician and a Bariatric, Metabolism and Weight Management Specialist. She Practices Functional Medicine.

She has blessed us with her continuous generosity collaborating with the ÁmateAhora Movement to help the millions living with disease and the million more who are at risk.

Wants to continue developing relationships with organizations like NutriMedicos that are committed and willing work with ÁmateAhora to elevate a sense of urgency around chronic disease. We, at ÁmateAhora advocate, support, bring awareness for patient care, patient empowerment, caregiver support, and inspire overall healthy living; educating families about the prevention, management of chronic disease and cause people to take action for their health.

We thank Dr. Estella Hernandez, MD/MPH for your generous and most valued support. Please join us in acknowledging her work with a comment or share.

On behalf of ÁmateAhora we acknowledge you as a Distinguished Woman and Doctor thank you Dr. Estella Hernandez, MD. 

Thank You Nutrimedicos

ÁmateAhora, Voices for Health Thank You for Your Support

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Leticia Madrigal, MA – Valvular Heart Disease Champion, HeartLand District, Chicago, IL

Breaking the Silence…
Leticia is a marathon aficionado, advocate, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, entrepreneur, and caregiver. Mom a pacemaker recipient, after years of not managing her Type2 Diabetes, it damaged her heart and kidneys. Dad passed from a Heat Stroke that led to a massive heart attack. Chronic Illness is a silent killer. She was inspired to break the silence, share her family’s story and founded ÁmateAhora, Voices for Health. Interested in learning more visit http://www.joinAmate.org/


Her HeartStory…
After attending an American Heart Association Conference. She met WomenHeart, shared her family’s story, and was selected as a National Spokeswoman for HeartHealth specifically for the Hispanic/Latino Market. WomenHeart, The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease is a non-profit patient advocacy organization that supports, educates and advocates on behalf of the 42 million American women living with or at risk of heart disease, the #1 killer of women. For more information visit http://www.womenheart.org/

Thanks to WomenHeart, insisting she see a Cardiologist, they saved her life. Fall 2014 she was first detected with a Heart Murmur, later diagnosed with Valvular Regurgitation aka “Leaky Valves”. It’s a condition where the valves don’t close properly making her heart work harder. Now Leticia has her own heart story. Speaking as a caregiver and advocate now patient heart champion.

Sharing her HeartStory Nationwide…
Leticia Madrigal MA, National Spokesperson for WomenHeart teamed up with a stellar lineup including a bilingual Cardiologist, Fitness Instructor, and bilingual Blood Pressure Screener for the HeartOfFitnessTour para La Mujer Hispana all in the name of Heart Health thanks to Burlington.

HeartOfFitnessTour travels the Nation including Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Arizona, and California, among others. Burlington donates $1 for every dress sold every February-March. Visit a location near you and help support WomenHeart. Bringing awareness to the 42M women living with heart disease and the million more at risk. http://www.burlingtoncoatfactory.com/

Mujeres Hispanas Están en Mayor Riesgo…
¿Sabía usted que la enfermedad cardiaca es la principal causa de muerte entre las mujeres en Estados Unidos y que las mujeres hispanas están en mayor riesgo? Un reciente estudio indica que por lo menos el 71% de las mujeres hispanas tienen por lo menos un factor de riesgo asociado con enfermedades cardiacas. Para mas información visita http://www.womenheart.org/

Knowing is Not Enough…
Thought she was protected from heart disease, due to her healthy lifestyle, but quickly learned that every woman is at risk. Leticia urges you to be your family’s Heart Health Champion. She shares, “There comes great peace and power in coming to terms with our health and being proactive. ÁmateAhora, LoveYouNow, Tomorrow May Be Too Late.”

Leticia Madrigal creates a culture of leaders causing leaders. Creating the experience of power and peace of mind by coming to terms with our health. Mobilizing healthy families and workforce at an individual, organizational and community level to be proactive worldwide. Is the Principal Industrial/Organizational Psychologist at Madrigal Consulting; Founder and CEO of ÁmateAhora, Voices for Health.

ÁmateAhora, Voices for Health…
ÁmateAhora is a non-profit bilingual, multicultural and powerfully diverse team of transformation agents standing to Live Healthy Worldwide! Rolling out free health services year round. Producing an Annual health expo (Fall 2015), leading 90Day Health Challenges (Monthly) supervised via Behavioral Psychologist Leticia Madrigal MA and Family Physician, Weight & Metabolism Specialist Dr. Estella Hernandez MD, hosting ZUMBA Sessions (Weekly), and we advocate for health (Daily). Visit http://www.joinAmate.org/

ÁMATEAHORA Spring2Primavera