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#AmateAhora invites you for an extra special photo shoot thanks to CHICAGO EXPRESSION MAGAZINE

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TONIGHT 6PM! EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!! We thank you for your support and your continuous Voice for Health.

Thanks again CHICAGO EXPRESSION MAGAZINE CEO/Publisher Jeree Cardenas!

We have already photographed 7 of the 12 causes for the AmateAhora Voices for Health 2015, we will Rock our Causes by wearing their designated color tonight for the photo shoot and Roar our Voices for that Cause at our Annual Health Expo.   


WOULD YOU ROAR YOUR VOICES FOR Autism (Wear Light Blue and bring a prop of a puzzle), Kidney Health (Wear GREEN), School Safety (Wear white w a Caution Sign Symbol or Prop), Blood Cord Registry Awareness Fight Blood Cancer (Green), Childhood Obesity (Yellow).

Today Thursday Sept 10 6pm at Diez Y Ocho 2000 W. 18St 2FL. Thanks to Chef/CEO Michael Hernandez, CEO Frank Spangolo 

Please confirm by Noon whether you are interested or you’ll pass at 773-587-5909c

“I Got The Beauty in Giving the Best Gift, LISTENING” -Leticia Madrigal MA

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Made a Grand Difference in My Life…
I will be coaching for one of my favorite courses this Sunday for Landmark Worldwide. The Communication Curriculum made a grand difference in my life. Among the many eye-opening moments, “I truly got the beauty in giving the best gift, LISTENING”. Leticia Madrigal MA


Access to Power…
The Communication Course: Access to Power led by Dr.Rita Glass​. More than 50 participants out to gain access to a new world of communication where listening and speaking—actions that we typically think of as ordinary and commonplace—take on new dimensions and provide unexpected power.


Power to Create…
The Advanced Communication Course: The Power to Create also led by the Powerful Dr. Rita Glass​ Where you make communication vivid and real, with structures and tools that leave you with powerful new ways of generating possibilities, designing opportunities, and moving your commitments to fulfillment.


AmateAhora Thanks WomenHeart

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Celebrating – Celebrando National Women’s Health Week. Semana National de Salud de la Mujer.    

Gracias a ti… Gracias a WomenHeart The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease soy Campeona de mi Salud Valvular! Al inicio dicuvir que tenía un “Soplo” luego desorden Válvular el Otoño 2014. Gracias a Burlington, visitó la nation compartiendo mi historia de corazón. 

Mi mamá me inspiro… Vivir saludable ya que ella es una recipiente de Marcapasos. Ahora yo estoy doble inspirada. Somos hermanas de corazón. Gracias WomenHeart por la herramienta y prevención que nos brindas. Y me permites difundir. En el correo hoy me llegó este bello detalle.   

Mil gracias @WomenHeartStaff!   

Celebrate the Love for Your Mama Everyday! Celébra El Amor de tu Mami Diario! 

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Haz Sido Mi Mejor Regaló…  Mamá Madrigal! Gracias a ti me salvaste la vida. 

Inspirada Por Ti…
Hace poco descubrimos que tengo un deorden Valvular y por estar inspirada por ti vivo saludable. El Cardiologo pregunto como lo logré le conté por estar en solidaridad con mi mamá en la batalla contra el Diabetes. La familia Madrigal pudo superar el pasar de nuestro querido rey Natalio Madrigal después de un trágico encuentro con acaloramiento que finalmente escalo a un ataque fulminante cardiovascular. 
Gracias a Ti Mamá…
Hemos compartido nuestra historia, encontramos nuestra voz para la salud. Al compartir nuestra Tragedia logramos la Paz y fundamos ÁmateAhora Voces Para La Salud!


Gracias a Ti Encontré Mi Voz…
Mamá siempre me apoyó a “Ser el Cambio que Quiero Ver en El Mundo, Be The Change You Want To See In The World” Gandhi. Gracias a Mamá Madrigal  Thanks to Mama Madrigal we share our voice from Tragedy to Peace and are Founders of ÁmateAhora Voices for Health, NFP. 

ÁmateAhora celebrates, National MeasureUp PressureDown Action Day!

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MUPD_Process_LogoTag_TMHigh blood pressure (hypertension)

Its a leading risk factor for heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and diabetes complications. Known as the “silent killer,” high blood pressure often has no symptoms until serious problems occur. Many people have high blood pressure and can go for years without knowing they have the life-threatening disease. Nearly one out of three American adults (68 million) has high blood pressure. Less than half have their conditions under control.

@joinAmate Improving blood pressure
Control requires an expanded effort and an increased focus from healthcare systems, providers, patients, employers, and the entire nation. Join us daily ZUMBA Mon-Thur 6PM, our 90 Day Health Challenges, meets monthly, annual ÁmateAhora Health Expo.

ÁMATEAHORA Spring2Primavera FB

Measure Up/Pressure Down®
Is a three-year national campaign designed to engage these important stakeholders in improving blood pressure control and achieving lasting improvements that lead the way to greater health, productivity.


Where will you Celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Try Dancing

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Dancing is Preventative Medicine
American College of Sports Medicine shares with us, “perhaps no area of exercise science has been more studied than the benefits of aerobic exercise”. There is a mountain of evidence to prove that regular aerobic exercise will improve your health, your fitness, and much more. Here’s a partial list of the documented health benefits of aerobic exercise e.g. Dancing, ZUMBA.

ÁMATEAHORA Spring2Primavera FB

Dancing Your Way to Being Healthy:
*Cancer prevention
*Cancer treatment
*Cardiovascular disease
*Obesity and weight control
*Cognitive function

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 1/26/2015

Mamá Madrigal Nominada para el “Homenaje a Nuestras Madres” por Nuestro Queso!

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Nominating – Nominando

Mama Madrigal!!! We are excited to share her with our wonderful world.  Mamá Madrigal!!! Feliz de compartirla con nuestro generoso mundo.
AmateAhora Mama FranciscaMadrigal

Siempre nos apoyo – Always gave her support 

“Ser el Cambio que Quiero Ver en El Mundo, Gandhi”


Gracias a Mamá Madrigal – Thanks to Mama Madrigal

Compartimos nuestra voz de Tragedia a Paz y fundamos ÁmateAhora Voces Para La Salud! Vean nuestro breve video. we share our voice from Tragedy to Peace and are Founders of ÁmateAhora Voices for Health. See our brief video.