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Leticia Madrigal, MA – Valvular Heart Disease Champion, HeartLand District, Chicago, IL

Breaking the Silence…
Leticia is a marathon aficionado, advocate, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, entrepreneur, and caregiver. Mom a pacemaker recipient, after years of not managing her Type2 Diabetes, it damaged her heart and kidneys. Dad passed from a Heat Stroke that led to a massive heart attack. Chronic Illness is a silent killer. She was inspired to break the silence, share her family’s story and founded ÁmateAhora, Voices for Health. Interested in learning more visit http://www.joinAmate.org/


Her HeartStory…
After attending an American Heart Association Conference. She met WomenHeart, shared her family’s story, and was selected as a National Spokeswoman for HeartHealth specifically for the Hispanic/Latino Market. WomenHeart, The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease is a non-profit patient advocacy organization that supports, educates and advocates on behalf of the 42 million American women living with or at risk of heart disease, the #1 killer of women. For more information visit http://www.womenheart.org/

Thanks to WomenHeart, insisting she see a Cardiologist, they saved her life. Fall 2014 she was first detected with a Heart Murmur, later diagnosed with Valvular Regurgitation aka “Leaky Valves”. It’s a condition where the valves don’t close properly making her heart work harder. Now Leticia has her own heart story. Speaking as a caregiver and advocate now patient heart champion.

Sharing her HeartStory Nationwide…
Leticia Madrigal MA, National Spokesperson for WomenHeart teamed up with a stellar lineup including a bilingual Cardiologist, Fitness Instructor, and bilingual Blood Pressure Screener for the HeartOfFitnessTour para La Mujer Hispana all in the name of Heart Health thanks to Burlington.

HeartOfFitnessTour travels the Nation including Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Arizona, and California, among others. Burlington donates $1 for every dress sold every February-March. Visit a location near you and help support WomenHeart. Bringing awareness to the 42M women living with heart disease and the million more at risk. http://www.burlingtoncoatfactory.com/

Mujeres Hispanas Están en Mayor Riesgo…
¿Sabía usted que la enfermedad cardiaca es la principal causa de muerte entre las mujeres en Estados Unidos y que las mujeres hispanas están en mayor riesgo? Un reciente estudio indica que por lo menos el 71% de las mujeres hispanas tienen por lo menos un factor de riesgo asociado con enfermedades cardiacas. Para mas información visita http://www.womenheart.org/

Knowing is Not Enough…
Thought she was protected from heart disease, due to her healthy lifestyle, but quickly learned that every woman is at risk. Leticia urges you to be your family’s Heart Health Champion. She shares, “There comes great peace and power in coming to terms with our health and being proactive. ÁmateAhora, LoveYouNow, Tomorrow May Be Too Late.”

Leticia Madrigal creates a culture of leaders causing leaders. Creating the experience of power and peace of mind by coming to terms with our health. Mobilizing healthy families and workforce at an individual, organizational and community level to be proactive worldwide. Is the Principal Industrial/Organizational Psychologist at Madrigal Consulting; Founder and CEO of ÁmateAhora, Voices for Health.

ÁmateAhora, Voices for Health…
ÁmateAhora is a non-profit bilingual, multicultural and powerfully diverse team of transformation agents standing to Live Healthy Worldwide! Rolling out free health services year round. Producing an Annual health expo (Fall 2015), leading 90Day Health Challenges (Monthly) supervised via Behavioral Psychologist Leticia Madrigal MA and Family Physician, Weight & Metabolism Specialist Dr. Estella Hernandez MD, hosting ZUMBA Sessions (Weekly), and we advocate for health (Daily). Visit http://www.joinAmate.org/

ÁMATEAHORA Spring2Primavera

Azul HOLISTIC SPA Acknowledges our ÁmateAhora 90Day Polar Challenge Champions

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Mil Gracias y Thank You Azul HOLISTIC SPA! por patronizar los premios de reconocimiento del Reto Polar de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora. *Azul HOLISTIC SPA – The Healing Power Of Human Touch – Visit them at AZUL West Loop and AZUL River North. More info: http://www.azulholisticspa.com

ÁmateAhora 90 Polar Challenge

What is the 90 Day Health Challenge:

It’s a Health Challenge, you call it (by choosing your goal you gain a team) and we track it (we measure your performance).

We track your monthly body composite analysis (must take off your socks), We track your monthly blood pressure, We offer nutritional coaching by attending our monthly meet ups where we invite leading experts on health topics along with Leticia Madrigal Performance Psychologist.

Thanks to NutriMedicos you also receive a 1 on 1 mini-consult with Dr. Estella Hernandez MD family physician, specialist in Metabolism and Weight Management at 1743 W. 18th St, Pilsen, NutriMedicos.

You get a 40 Minute ZUMBA workout thanks to Coach Oscar Reyesand thanks to Los Hermanos Rios Market, 1757 W. 18th St, Pilsen,2floor we have their fabulous space where we host our coaching, screenings, and workout (bring gym shoes)!

Azul Holistic Spa -Eloisa

Eloisa Vasquez-
Campiona del Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyHealth (Team Leader) –
Top Performance in Losing Weight
Equipo: #PorMiSalud (Lider De Equipo) –
Superior Rendimiento en Bajar Peso

Azul Holistic Spa -EspinozaJose Del Carmelo Espinoza-
Campiono del Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyHeart –
Top Performance in Managing Blood Pressure
Equipo: #PorMiCorazón –
Superior Rendimiento en Maneja la Presión

Azul Holistic Spa Claudia

Claudia Martinez-
Campiona del EQUIPO Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyHeart –
Top Performance in Leading a Team with Significant Results
Equipo: #PorMiCorazón –
Superior Rendimiento en Ser Líder del equipo con Resultados Significativos

Azul Holistic Spa Francisca

Francisca Madrigal-
Campiona del Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyHeart –
Top Performance in Dropping Body Fat %
Equipo: #PorMiCorazón –
Superior Rendimiento en Bajar % de Grasa Corporal

Azul Holistic Spa OscarOscar Reyes-
Campiono del Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyFamily –
Top Performance in Increasing Family’s Consumption of Veggies
Equipo: #PorMiFamilia –
Superior Rendimiento en Aumentar el Consumo de Vegetales al nivel Familiar

AmateAhora contó su Historia Del Corazón está noche especial… Anabel Monge, TelemundoChicago

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Que bendecion hablar con Anabel Monge y Juan Orta de Telemundo Chicago. Mil gracias. Es siempre nuestro placer compartir.  

Contamos Nuestra Historia Del Corazón 

Leticia Madrigal, MA Psicológica Industria y Fundadora de AmateAhora comparte, “Estamos continuamente  transformando nuestro estado de salud. Nos alimentan una paz interior el saber y estar en acción de nuestro estado de salud”. #AmateAhora, Por Que Mañana Puede Ser Muy Tarde. 

Acompáñanos Lunes y Miércoles 6PM ZUMBA en 1757 W. 18th St 2ndo Piso. Nuestro Reto de Salud cada 90 Días patrocinado por Dr. Estella Hernandez MD de NutriMedicos, y Nuestro Expo de Salud anual este Otoño 2015. Llamen para una cita con Leticia al 773-587-5909. Para mas información http://www.joinAmate.org

Seeking a Dynamic ZUMBA Instructor to Join our AmateAhora ZUMBA Fitness Team

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Saludos & Good Day from #AmateAhora 90Day Monthly Health CHALLENGE & Weekly #ZUMBA. Humbly requesting your much needed services. For today’s ZUMBA class & on occasion (Team Pictures, Acknowledgement Days, Lead Zumba). At 1757 W. 18th St 60608, HeartOfChicago Pilsen in the 2nd Floor. ZUMBA Is at 6PM we also do Blood Pressure Screenings (Led by BP Team) before class. It’s a 40mins ZUMBA adults & a few older adults class. WE have a Super Fun Co-Ed Team. WE have a sound system, party lighting system, dozen mats. And me as co-lead ready to assist. If you are interested to join our AmateAhora ZUMBERO Instructors Team. Plz inbox. We seek your ZUMBA Leadership for today 6PM

Helping the Millions living w Disease & the Million more who are at Risk, Vote for Dr. Estella Hernandez MD

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MD2015 logo

imgresNutriMedicos Logo_New_SpanVote for Estella Hernandez, Today.

Extra Special Thanks to Dr. Estella Hernandez MD from NutriMedicos! She has blessed us with her continuous generosity helping the ÁmateAhora Movement help the millions living with disease and the million more who are at risk. ÁmateAhora wants to continue developing relationships with organizations like NutriMedicos that are committed and willing work with ÁmateAhora to elevate a sense of urgency around chronic disease. Patient care, patient empowerment, caregiver support, and inspire overall healthy living; educating families about the prevention, management of chronic disease and cause people to take action for their health. We @joinAmate thank Dr. Estella Hernandez, MD Family Physician, Bariatric, Metabolism and Weight Management Specialist, Practicing Functional Medicine. for your generous andmost valued support. Please join us in acknowledging her work by voting for Estella Hernandez as La Raza Mujer Destacada. On behalf of ÁmateAhora we thank you for vote. Panelist at Amate Ahora 2013


Voten Por Dr Estella Hernandez, Hoy! #MujerDestacada, La Raza Newspaper


Agradecimiento especial para la Dra Estella Hernández MD de NutriMedicos ella nos ha bendecido con su continua generosidad ayudando al Movimiento de ÁmateAhora. Juntos ayudamos a los millones que viven con enfermedades y los millónes más que están en riesgo. ÁmateAhora quiere seguir desarrollando relaciones con organizaciones como NutriMedicos que están comprometidos y dispuestos a trabajar en esta misión. Para elevar un sentido de urgencia de nuestra salud especialmente de las enfermedades crónicas. La atención al paciente, dar apoyo para los cuidadores de los pacientes, e inspirar la vida sana en general; educar a las familias sobre la prevención y manejo de enfermedades crónicas y asistir a la comunidad a tomar medidas para su salud. Nosotros @joinAmate damos gracias a la doctora Estella Hernández, MD Family Physician. Especialista Bariátrica, Metabolismo y Peso. Ella practica Medicina Funcional. Mil gracias por su apoyo tan generoso y valioso tiempo. Por favor, únase con nosotros en el reconocimiento de su trabajo al votar por Estella Hernández como Mujer Destacada, La Raza. En nombre de ÁmateAhora te damos gracias por votar.



Extending a Warm Hug and Acknowledgement to our Sponsors, for Spearheading ÁmateAhora with us. May we have a Grand 2015.

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NutriMedicos Logo_New_SpanGracias a nuestros generosos patrocinadores, Nutrimedicos, Estella Hernandez y Carlos Martinez. http://www.nutrimedicos.com/ Conozcan a la Dra. Estella Hernandez MD especialista en Metabolismo y Control de Peso en 1743 W. 18th Street Nutrimedicos. Nos reunimos esta semana para planificar nuestro Expo Anual de Salud con ÁmateAhora Otoño 2015, Nuestros Retos de Salud con ÁmateAhora cada 90 Dias (mensual), Clases de ZUMBA (semanal), Correr Por Causas, Abogar por pólizas de Salud, etc.

dr_hernandezThanks to our generous sponsors, Nutrimedicos, Dr. Estella Hernandez MD and Carlos Martinez. Meet Dr. Estella Hernandez MD specialist in Metabolism and Weight Management at 1743 W. 18th St. Nutrimedicos, http://www.nutrimedicos.com/.

We met this week to plan our Annual Health Expo with ÁmateAhora Fall 2015, Our ÁmateAhora 90 Day Health Challenges (monthly), ZUMBA Classes (weekly), Running for Causes, Advocate for Health Policies, etc.

Fuerte abrazo por todo el apoyo que nos dan año tras año, nuestro agente fiscal 501c3, Eighteenth Street Development Corporation, Alejandra Alvarado y Gerry Alvarado- Geralex, Alexis Esparza- ED at ESDC, y la Directiva Ejecutiva. http://www.eighteenthstreet.org/ Alex Cabrera- Lalo’s on Maxwell & La Taberna Tapas on Halsted, Rey Rivera- CSI3000, Antonio R. Guillen- Wintrust, y mas. Gracias especial a Benjamin Modragon y el Chef Enrique Cortes por todo su apoyo y alimenacion.


Big hug for all the support you give us year after year, as our fiscal agent 501c3, Eighteenth Street Development Corporation (ESDC), Alejandra Alvarado Alvarado and Gerry Geralex, Alexis Esparza ED at ESDC, and Executive Directors. http://www.eighteenthstreet.org/ Alex Cabrera Lalo’s on Maxwell & La Taberna Tapas on Halsted, CSI3000 Rey Rivera, Antonio R. Guillen Wintrust, and more. Special thanks to Benjamin Modragon and Chef Enrique Cortes for all your support and tasty food.

Gracias a nuestro generoso patrocinador de imprenteria, DOTPRESS con Mario Galindo, http://www.dotpress.us DotPressLogo

Thanks to our generous printing sponsor, dotpress.us, Mario Galindo, http://www.dotpress.us

Gracias a Apple Cargo Express Midwest/El Medio Oeste por patrocinar equipo de sonido, música, y entretenimento en nuestros eventos. Por la gran oportunidad de colabora por segundo año en co-manejar el equipo de ÁmateAhora Lati1269169_526267810841164_3054093527562944254_onoUnidos y promover la salud familiar através del deporte durante la primavera and verano. https://www.facebook.com/APPLECARGOEXPRESSMIDWEST

Thanks to Apple Midwest Express Cargo/The Midwest for sponsoring sound, music, and entertainment. For the grand opportunity in co-managing the team ÁmateAhora LatinosUnited Adult Baseball League. And the opportunity to promote healthy families by way of sports during the spring and summer. 

thGracias al Mariachi Chavez y Daniel Casillas, Singer Fantasia, Dana Butler de Irma Ruiz Elementary con su coro y baile, por brindar canciones para nuestros eventos.
Thanks to Mariachi Chavez and Daniel Casillas, Singer Fantasia  Dana Butler Elementary Irma Ruiz for his angelic choir and dancers, providing beautiful melodies for our events. http://ruizelementaryschool.org/

Gracias a nuestro Coach Oscar Reyes de ZUMBA, por ofrecer su tiempo y entrenamiento semanal. ÁmateAhora 90Day Polar Challenge

Thanks to our Coach Oscar Reyes ZUMBA, for offering his time and weekly training. Thanks to Meztisoy Pilsen, Sonia Yanez, Victor Perez, Ricardo Concha for their fabulous space where we host our training, metrics and exercise! 


Mil gracias a Meztisoy Pilsen, Sonia Yanez, Victor Perez, Ricardo Concha por su espacio fabuloso donde hospedan nuestros entrenamiento, exámenes y ejercicio!
Family owned Fruit/Juice/Taqueria | Organic | Heart of Pilsen Chicago
(312) 261-5556
1757 W. 18th Street
Chicago, IL, United States 60608



Gracias Israel Vargas, MATD, Asistente Provost de la Universidad Roosevelt, por ofrecer ayuda en obtener un lugar para nuestro expo de salud, otoño del 2015 y la selección de ÁmateAhora como socio comunitario para su programa de mentores. Este programa facilita las relaciones de tutoría entre estudiantes de Roosevelt y líderes de organizaciones comunitarias sin fines de lucro del área. Gracias Seona Marshall por participar y ser nuestra distingida estudiante.


Thanks Israel Vargas, MATD, Assistant Provost from Roosevelt University, for offering assistance in securing a location for Fall 2015 and selecting ÁmateAhora as a Community Partner for your Mentoring Program. This amazing program facilitates mentoring relationships between Roosevelt undergraduate students and leaders of area nonprofit community organizations. Thanks Seona Marshall for participating and being our protégé, 2015. http://www.roosevelt.edu/

“Understanding yourself…This will be your true source of lasting sparkles.” via @hhavrilesk #ÁmateAhora

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Today, the second day of 2015, is a good Friday to reflect and consider taking on the things we’ve never done. Here’s to saying the things we’ve never had a chance to say to each other. Here’s to letting go of the things we’ve been dragging for years. Here’s to embracing the beauty within. Here’s to welcoming lasting sparkles. Consider we’ve been surrounded by sparkles for years, but most of the time we couldn’t see them. We can’t do anything about that. But let us vow to find more sparkles this year, okay?

first-love-yourself1Real, lasting sparkles come from one person, a person with the audacity to believe in happiness, to believe in love, to believe that you are special, in spite of great flaws. Real sparkles are generated every second of every day, from one side of the world to the other, in crowded subways and in one-bedroom apartments, on rainy days and in shadowy corners of a cold room. Real sparkles can be found right here, right now. Consider making yourself a cup of tea. Consider how loved you are, right now, even though things may not be going your way. You might not find love for a while, but you can believe in it anyway.


Love can’t happen between two people who are sinking. The sparkles that come from “Can you save me? Will you save me?” go dark in a matter of weeks or months.


Let’s look very closely, and notice the sparkles that surround us, as much as we can.
#AmateAhora challenges you to find SPARKLES within.

ÁmateAhora 2015Read the entire article at 

Heather Havrilesky @hhavrilesky. Heather is the Ask Polly columnist at , columnist at ,  contributor. Author of memoir Disaster Preparedness: amzn.to/eND7n2

ÁmateAhora Thanks you. Gracias, a nuestros generosos patrocinadores! To God Be the Glory.

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Nutrimedicos, Estella Hernandez y Carlos Martinez. http://www.nutrimedicos.com/ Conozcan a la Dra. Estella Hernandez MD especialista en Metabolismo y Control de Peso en 1743 W. 18th Street Nutrimedicos. 


Fuerte abrazo por todo el apoyo que nos dan año tras año, nuestro agente fiscal 501c3,  Eighteenth Street Development Corporation, Alejandra Alvarado y Gerry Alvarado- Geralex, Alexis Esparza- ED at ESDC, y la Directiva Ejecutiva. Alex Cabrera- Lalo’s on Maxwell & La Taberna Tapas on Halsted, Rey Rivera- CSI3000, Antonio R. Guillen- Wintrust, y mas. 

Gracias a nuestro generoso patrocinador de imprenteria, dotpress.us con Mario Galindo, http://www.dotpress.us

Gracias a Apple Cargo Express Midwest / El Medio Oeste por patrocinar equipo de sonido, música, y entretenimento.

Gracias Benjamin Modragon y el Chef Enrique Cortes por todo su apoyo invaluable.

Gracias a nuestros panelistas’ desde 2012, 2013, 2014!! Dra. Mercedes Martinez MD, Dr. Steven Rothschild MD, Dr, Gabriela Ziccarelli, PHARMD, Sergio Rojas, Heidi Pagonis #ENDALZ, Carmen Velasquez, y mas

Y mi inspiración Momma Madrigal, Toda Mi Familia Madrigal, Denice L Trevino, Elisa Trevino, Estela Torres, Kimberly Dominguez Erik Trevino, Hero Juster, Josias Torres, Araceli Torres, Karin Trevino, Erik Trevino, Omar Espinoza, Familia Espinoza, Familia Sevilla, Myrtha Sevilla. Familia de WomenHeart The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease. Y nuestra Familia de LinkedIn, Facebook y otras redes. 

Gracias a nuestro Coach Oscar Reyes de ZUMBA. Nancy Gonzalez Movement, Mind, Wellness at Women Empowerment, Jeremiah D. Jones, Hillary Johnson Calm Chicago: Center for Mindfulness and Compassion, Gail Garza, LA More.

Mil gracias a Meztisoy Pilsen, Sonia Yanez, Victor Perez, Ricardo Concha por su espacio fabuloso donde hospedan nuestros entrenamiento, exámenes y ejercicio!

Thanks to our ÁmateAhora Network- (Si no te encuentras, por favor perdónanos y inclúyete en el comentario)

Un million de gracias a nuestro equipo ejecutivo y embajadores de salud:

Antonia Hernandez, Maria Ojeda de Yada’s Flowers/Food, Olaya Espinoza, Jose Del Carmen Espinoza, Denise Mellado, Teresa Marie Zeman, Singer Fantasia, Nikoleta Morales, Jaime Garza Rodriguez, Hector Saldana, Tony Calcagno, Luis Calcagno, Luis Tubens, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, Argenis Tiburcio

Thank you Bill G Vlahos, JR Rojas, Radio Vive 750PM, Abogado Mateo Katz, Gerardo Torres, Marta Medina, Sin Censura Vicente Serrano, Lourdes Duarte, Juan Orta, Christina Gutierrez, Carlos Olea, Zoraida Sambolin, Tsitsiki Félix, Stacey Baca ABC7, Alfonso Gutiérrez, Alfonso Barrera, Hispanic Pro, Azul Holistic Spa, Naturally Chic Nails, Chocolate For Your Body Chicago inc, National Museum of Mexican Art, Benito Juarez Academy High School, West Side Technical Institute, West Loop Athletic Club.

AmateLIKES2014 2015

All I want For Christmas is… Your Health. ÁmateAhora ¡Reza Por La Salud De Todos!

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Una oración solo para ti  …  Señor, te agradezco por este día maravilloso, por el frío, por la lluvia, por mi familia, por mi alimento, por un techo donde descansar, por un día más de trabajo y principalmente por un día más de vida junto a las personas que mas amo. Bendice, Señor, a mi familia, a mis amigos y quienes no lo son, porque ellos también necesitan de ti. Bendice, Señor, al que está leyendo este mensaje ahora, cumple sus sueños, cuida sus pasos e iluminalo. ¡Amén!

AmateLIKES2014 2015

A prayer just for you … Lord, I thank you for this wonderful day, for the cold, for the rain, for my family, for my food, for a roof over my head where I can rest,  for a day’s work, and especially for a day more of life with the people I love. Lord, bless my family, my friends and those who are not, because they also need you. Bless, O Lord, those which are reading this message now, fulfill their dreams, watch over their steps and guide them. Amen!

Listen and enjoy one of our favorite songs.

Hoy es el Día Nacional de la Esclerosis Múltiple. @joinÁmate les mandamos un fuerte abrazo a los valientes que la padecen.

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Mandamos nuestro amor, fuerza y rezos para todas las almas que los cuidan. #AmateAhora


Hoy es el Día Nacional de la Esclerosis Múltiple (EM).

Más de 1.000 personas al año padecen esa enfermedad. Es la segunda causa de minusvalía, y con más frecuencia en mujeres que en hombres (2 por 1).


Es una afección muy dificil. Se siguen las investigaciones y los tratamientos de muy diverso tipo y de muy diversa índole, y se sigue sin sabe qué ocurre con esta mielina.

Nosotros podemos decir, de paso, que hemos trabajado y seguimos haciéndolo con esta afección, y la verdad es que la Medicina Tradicional China (MTC) ha colaborado enormemente a la recuperación de muchas de estas personas.