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Celebrating – Celebrando National Women’s Health Week. Semana National de Salud de la Mujer.    

Gracias a ti… Gracias a WomenHeart The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease soy Campeona de mi Salud Valvular! Al inicio dicuvir que tenía un “Soplo” luego desorden Válvular el Otoño 2014. Gracias a Burlington, visitó la nation compartiendo mi historia de corazón. 

Mi mamá me inspiro… Vivir saludable ya que ella es una recipiente de Marcapasos. Ahora yo estoy doble inspirada. Somos hermanas de corazón. Gracias WomenHeart por la herramienta y prevención que nos brindas. Y me permites difundir. En el correo hoy me llegó este bello detalle.   

Mil gracias @WomenHeartStaff!   

100% stated that they will take steps to improve their heart health, W@W spoke today at The FAA.

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WomenHeart @ Work (W@W) 

W@W is WomenHeart’s educational initiative to raise heart health awareness where so many Americans put their hearts every day – the workplace.

at The (FAA) Federal Aviation Adrministration April 2, 2015

Leticia Madrigal MA, WomenHeart National Spokeswoman, Por La Mujer Latina. Thanks to Burlington.  (Ms. Madrigal, Photo above)

And Alberta England WomenHeart Champion and Support Group Coordinator for NorthWest Suburbs.  (Mrs. England Photo below). 

Today W@W spoke at The Federal Aviation Administration about Heart Health

Call to request a WomenHeart@Work speaker for your organization at our office in Washington DC (Headquarters). English #202.464.8735 or Español #800.676.6002.

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A survey of W@W audiences found the following: 

91% reported that the information presented was new for them. 

96% reported that the presentation improved their knowledge of heart disease risk factors and how to detect a heart attack. 

100% stated that they will take steps to improve their heart health, such as eating better, exercising more, and developing ways to manage stress.