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It’s National Doctor Day!!! @joinAmate WE THANK YOU!

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11064624_752305741543024_7583491269542494477_nWE THANK YOU!
Dr. Estella Hernandez​,MD/MPH, Dr. Annabelle Volgman,
Dr. Eduardo Montoya, Psy.D., Dr. Enrique Garcia-Sayan MD, Dr. Julie Ramos, MD, Dr. Karla Campos-Bekardi MD,
Dr. Rafaela Weffer, Dr. Sharonne Hayes, Dr. Steven Rothschild MD, Dr. Mercedes Martinez MD, Dr. Juanita Mora MD​!


Agradecimiento especial…
Para la Dra Estella Hernández MD/MPH de NutriMedicos ella nos ha bendecido con su continua generosidad collaborando con el Movimiento de ÁmateAhora. Dr. Estella Hernández, MD/MPH es doctora familiar y especialista Bariátrica, de Metabolismo y Peso. También practica Medicina Funcional. Mil gracias por su apoyo generoso y valioso tiempo.

ÁmateAhora, Voces Para La Salud…
ÁmateAhora es único, en el que somos agentes de transformación poderosos y diversos armados para abogar por un bienestar óptimo. Ofrecemos acceso a servicios de Salud en Español! Celebramos Anual con un Expo de Salud, Reto de 90 días (Mensual), ZUMBA (Semanal), y Abogamos para la Salud (Diario). ÁmateAhora causa líderes, Campeones de Salud. Creamos voces unificadas y comprometidas a movilizar a nuestra comunidad a ser responsables de nuestra salud un día a la vez!

Transformar Nuestra Salud al nivel Mundial…
Ayudamos a los millones que viven con enfermedades y los millónes más que están en riesgo. ÁmateAhora quiere seguir desarrollando relaciones con organizaciones como NutriMedicos que están comprometidos y dispuestos a trabajar en esta misión. Para elevar un sentido de urgencia de nuestra salud especialmente de las enfermedades crónicas. La atención al paciente, dar apoyo para los cuidadores de los pacientes, e inspirar la vida sana en general; educar a las familias sobre la prevención y manejo de enfermedades crónicas y asistir a la comunidad a tomar medidas para su salud.

Nosotros @joinAmate damos gracias…
¡Únase con nosotros en dar reconocimiento a la Dr. Estella Hernández, MD/MPH por su gran trabajo y generosa contribución como Mujer Destacada, en nombre de ÁmateAhora te damos gracias por tu labor. Por favor muestren apoyo con un GUSTA, comentario, y/o compartan.


Extra Special Thanks
Dr. Estella Hernandez MD/MPH from NutriMedicos! Dr. Estella Hernandez MD, MPH both a Family Physician and a Bariatric, Metabolism and Weight Management Specialist. She Practices Functional Medicine.

She has blessed us with her continuous generosity collaborating with the ÁmateAhora Movement to help the millions living with disease and the million more who are at risk.

Wants to continue developing relationships with organizations like NutriMedicos that are committed and willing work with ÁmateAhora to elevate a sense of urgency around chronic disease. We, at ÁmateAhora advocate, support, bring awareness for patient care, patient empowerment, caregiver support, and inspire overall healthy living; educating families about the prevention, management of chronic disease and cause people to take action for their health.

We thank Dr. Estella Hernandez, MD/MPH for your generous and most valued support. Please join us in acknowledging her work with a comment or share.

On behalf of ÁmateAhora we acknowledge you as a Distinguished Woman and Doctor thank you Dr. Estella Hernandez, MD. 

Thank You Nutrimedicos

Azul HOLISTIC SPA Acknowledges our ÁmateAhora 90Day Polar Challenge Champions

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Mil Gracias y Thank You Azul HOLISTIC SPA! por patronizar los premios de reconocimiento del Reto Polar de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora. *Azul HOLISTIC SPA – The Healing Power Of Human Touch – Visit them at AZUL West Loop and AZUL River North. More info:

ÁmateAhora 90 Polar Challenge

What is the 90 Day Health Challenge:

It’s a Health Challenge, you call it (by choosing your goal you gain a team) and we track it (we measure your performance).

We track your monthly body composite analysis (must take off your socks), We track your monthly blood pressure, We offer nutritional coaching by attending our monthly meet ups where we invite leading experts on health topics along with Leticia Madrigal Performance Psychologist.

Thanks to NutriMedicos you also receive a 1 on 1 mini-consult with Dr. Estella Hernandez MD family physician, specialist in Metabolism and Weight Management at 1743 W. 18th St, Pilsen, NutriMedicos.

You get a 40 Minute ZUMBA workout thanks to Coach Oscar Reyesand thanks to Los Hermanos Rios Market, 1757 W. 18th St, Pilsen,2floor we have their fabulous space where we host our coaching, screenings, and workout (bring gym shoes)!

Azul Holistic Spa -Eloisa

Eloisa Vasquez-
Campiona del Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyHealth (Team Leader) –
Top Performance in Losing Weight
Equipo: #PorMiSalud (Lider De Equipo) –
Superior Rendimiento en Bajar Peso

Azul Holistic Spa -EspinozaJose Del Carmelo Espinoza-
Campiono del Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyHeart –
Top Performance in Managing Blood Pressure
Equipo: #PorMiCorazón –
Superior Rendimiento en Maneja la Presión

Azul Holistic Spa Claudia

Claudia Martinez-
Campiona del EQUIPO Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyHeart –
Top Performance in Leading a Team with Significant Results
Equipo: #PorMiCorazón –
Superior Rendimiento en Ser Líder del equipo con Resultados Significativos

Azul Holistic Spa Francisca

Francisca Madrigal-
Campiona del Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyHeart –
Top Performance in Dropping Body Fat %
Equipo: #PorMiCorazón –
Superior Rendimiento en Bajar % de Grasa Corporal

Azul Holistic Spa OscarOscar Reyes-
Campiono del Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyFamily –
Top Performance in Increasing Family’s Consumption of Veggies
Equipo: #PorMiFamilia –
Superior Rendimiento en Aumentar el Consumo de Vegetales al nivel Familiar

All ÁmateAhora Wants For XMAS is You! Be Healthy.

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ÁmateAhora doesn’t want a lot for Xmas, just You!, all we are asking for… is we take this journey together. Let’s be healthy! Thursday 630pm January 23rd at NutriMedicos 1719 W. 18th Street. Don’t forget to participate today, FREE! Click on Participate at

Who: We will have #NancyGonzalez leading our AmateAhora PowWow Workout Thursday’s for 20mins and #JeremiahJones completing us with a zippity zen stretching and breathing technique that will segway our team to powerfully generate our possibilities for January 2014 by Leticia Madrigal. Then #JosePerez invites everyone to our Saturday conversation of Living the Life You Love, #LandmarkWorldwide Jan 25th 3pm at NutriMedicos.

What: We are the 1st of (50) states to offer the ÁmateAhora Challenge Bilingual (Español)! Everyone is welcome including our surrounding communities. Join us, let’s make history! 630pm. Let’s do this!

Where: Take the AmateAhora Challenge Thursday at NutriMedicos 1719 W. 18th Street (18th & Paulina- across from Pink line).

Benefits: Free thanks to our generous sponsor, NutriMedicos! Body composite analysis, blood pressure screening, hip/waist measured, nutritional coaching with team support, and 1 on 1 mini-consult with Dr. Estella Hernandez, MD. Get Fit with coach Nancy Gonzalez and Jeremiah Jones.

HEALTHY PET HEALTHY YOU! with Dr. Dina Bascharon MD Thursday November 21st 6:30PM at NutriMedicos 1719 W. 18th Street.

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HEALTHY PET HEALTHY YOU! with Dr. Dina Bascharon MD Thursday November 21st 6:30PM at NutriMedicos 1719 W. 18th Street.

Thursday Nov 21st Dra. Estella Hernandez,MD/MPH & AmateAhora Team offering monthly FREE nutriional coaching & weight/metabolic management, Blood Pressure Screening, and Body Composite Analysis. Dr. Dina Bascharon MD from #OakParkAnimalHospital. Will educate us about our pet’s medical needs and helping us understand clearly the power we have to live healthy and the impact it has on our pets. Nancy Gonzalez #Women Empowerment on the freedom in being fit & healthy. Design your “GAME PLAN” with Leticia Madrigal MA.

Amate Ahora Health Expo 2014

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Amate Ahora Health Expo 2014

NutriMedicos Sponsor 2014!