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ÁmateAhora is honored to make a difference by representing Illinois as a multicultural bilingual (Español/English) WomenHeart Champion.

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AmateAhora is the only representative flying from IL on-track as WomenHeart Champion Support Network Coordinator and National Spokesperson. Today September 27th we attended our 1st Webinar from WomenHeart before October’s National Science and Leadership Symposium.

We had the pleasure of listening in to 41 national representatives that will be attending the 2014 Mayo Clinic Science & Leadership Symposium this October in Rochester MN at the Mayo Clinic. Currently their are 656 WomenHeart Champions (49 states represented), 129 Support Network Coordinators “SNC” (39 states represented) and 25% are women of color.

Interested? Apply http://www.womenheart.org/?Programs_SL_Main



Today, nearly 70% of Hispanic-American women have at least one risk factor for heart disease, but only 37% know heart disease is their leading health threat.



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Every Heartbeat Matters!

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With a vision of improving the quality of life around the world, the Edwards Lifesciences created a Fund a decade ago. Since then, the Fund has donated more than $30 million to hundreds of non-profit organizations to help them carry out their shared goals and aspirations.

As they look to the future, they want their philanthropy to help even more people and make a stronger impact. Their longstanding expertise in heart valves and deep commitment to patients is driving their efforts to reduce the global burden of heart valve disease through a focused philanthropic strategy to help those with the greatest challenges. It’s an urgent need, because millions of people all around the world are suffering from this disease.

Something must be done. So they have set a bold goal:

By 2020, our philanthropy will impact the global burden of heart valve disease by supporting the education, screening and treatment of one million underserved people. Read more: http://www.edwards.com