Azul HOLISTIC SPA Acknowledges our ÁmateAhora 90Day Polar Challenge Champions

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Mil Gracias y Thank You Azul HOLISTIC SPA! por patronizar los premios de reconocimiento del Reto Polar de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora. *Azul HOLISTIC SPA – The Healing Power Of Human Touch – Visit them at AZUL West Loop and AZUL River North. More info:

ÁmateAhora 90 Polar Challenge

What is the 90 Day Health Challenge:

It’s a Health Challenge, you call it (by choosing your goal you gain a team) and we track it (we measure your performance).

We track your monthly body composite analysis (must take off your socks), We track your monthly blood pressure, We offer nutritional coaching by attending our monthly meet ups where we invite leading experts on health topics along with Leticia Madrigal Performance Psychologist.

Thanks to NutriMedicos you also receive a 1 on 1 mini-consult with Dr. Estella Hernandez MD family physician, specialist in Metabolism and Weight Management at 1743 W. 18th St, Pilsen, NutriMedicos.

You get a 40 Minute ZUMBA workout thanks to Coach Oscar Reyesand thanks to Los Hermanos Rios Market, 1757 W. 18th St, Pilsen,2floor we have their fabulous space where we host our coaching, screenings, and workout (bring gym shoes)!

Azul Holistic Spa -Eloisa

Eloisa Vasquez-
Campiona del Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyHealth (Team Leader) –
Top Performance in Losing Weight
Equipo: #PorMiSalud (Lider De Equipo) –
Superior Rendimiento en Bajar Peso

Azul Holistic Spa -EspinozaJose Del Carmelo Espinoza-
Campiono del Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyHeart –
Top Performance in Managing Blood Pressure
Equipo: #PorMiCorazón –
Superior Rendimiento en Maneja la Presión

Azul Holistic Spa Claudia

Claudia Martinez-
Campiona del EQUIPO Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyHeart –
Top Performance in Leading a Team with Significant Results
Equipo: #PorMiCorazón –
Superior Rendimiento en Ser Líder del equipo con Resultados Significativos

Azul Holistic Spa Francisca

Francisca Madrigal-
Campiona del Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyHeart –
Top Performance in Dropping Body Fat %
Equipo: #PorMiCorazón –
Superior Rendimiento en Bajar % de Grasa Corporal

Azul Holistic Spa OscarOscar Reyes-
Campiono del Reto de 90 Dias con ÁmateAhora
Team: #4MyFamily –
Top Performance in Increasing Family’s Consumption of Veggies
Equipo: #PorMiFamilia –
Superior Rendimiento en Aumentar el Consumo de Vegetales al nivel Familiar

ÁmateAhora Proudly Presents Our Champion Sponsors for Our 90Day Fall Health Challenge

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Hispanic Pro

HISPANICPRO SPONSORS BIBS FOR Hot Chocolate 15K & 5K on Sunday November 9th.


The Hispanic Professional Network was established in 2001. Now in its thirteenth year, HispanicPro is the largest network of Hispanic professionals in the state of Illinois and is dedicated to connecting Latino professionals via social media and face-to-face business networking.

Hispanic Pro

HispanicPro has three operating functions:

HispanicPro Email Newsletter

Over 65,000 email subscribers captured over a span of 12 years
Email average open rate 67 % (industry average 13% to 17%) Website

The first in Illinois and only social networking website targeting Chicago’s Hispanic professional community
Over 2400 member profiles on
HispanicPro Professional Events

Largest producer of networking and professional development events for Latino professionals in the state of Illinois
Small events average 150 to 200 attendees
Large events average 500 to 600 attendees

For advertising and event sponsorship opportunities, email us at

RADIO VIVE es una nueva manera de escuchar un radio familiar con respeto, creatividad, y positiva interactiva al aire en donde los patrocinadores forman parte del concepto comunitario. Los comentarios, ideas, y opiniones son transmitidas por radio a de mas por Via ON LINE INTERNET WWW.RADIOVIVE.US

Una Radio En La Comunidad, De la Comunidad y Para Nuestra Comunidad. RADIO VIVE es sin Duda, una programación diseñada para brindar entretenimiento, cultura, arte, música y positivida en nuestras vidas.Al Atardecer Difundiendo Siempre Con Respeto.

Los Programas es transmitido de Lunes a Viernes de 12:00pm a 12:00 am, descubriendo el mejor talento en la locución nueva latina, ofreciendote una expreriencia audio visual: “Duplex”.


Radio Vive Communications
2500 S Christiana Ave| Ste.200
Chicago, IL 60623​
​Tel: 773 -455-7635


Lenguas Al Aire Los MARTES 8-10PM CENTRAL
Lenguas Al Aire

Naturally Chic Nails

Naturally Chic Nails is all about giving the client the proper service and care while allowing them to relax. The service and experience is all about the client. You will receive professional spa quality treatment with all your services as well as being in a clean environment.

Naturally Chic Nails is currently located inside Spoil Me Salon & Spa at
4668 N. Broadway​
Chicago, Il 60640

Phone: 773.744.3441​
Book Online:

15% off on your first visit
$5 referral discount

Naturally Chic Nails


Azul Spa

Azul Spa focuses specifically on holistic modalities and integrative wellness. We specialize in holistic services selecting only the best and most capable therapists. Our services have been specifically tailored to both pamper you and replenish your energy. With 6 treatment rooms, including a master couples massage suite. The spa has men’s and women’s locker rooms equipped with soothing rain showers, terry lined waffle robes, comfy spa slippers, and all the necessary toiletries for you to get ready before and after your massage. Our expert massage therapists are licensed and trained in the arts of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Couples Massage, Facials, Healing Therapies, Reiki, Cupping Therapy, Thai Massage and many more.

Stop in any time for a tour of our spa, or just call us to book an appointment at 312-929-2016. AZUL Holistic Spa is located at 842 W Adams St in downtown Chicago.


Leticia and Silvia Romero

2014 Fall 90Day Challenge Social Media BANNER

amate ahora CHALLENGE square banner

ÁmateAhora’s 90 Day Free Fall Health Challenge!

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Let’s do this! ÁmateAhora’s 90 Day Free Fall Health Challenge! AUG 28 @630PM. 1719 W. 18th Street (Pilsen, 60608). 2014 Fall 90Day Challenge Social Media BANNER

90 Day Free Fall Health Challenge. Monthly you will get a free body composite analysis, blood pressure screening, hip/waist measured, nutritional coaching with group support, and 1 0n 1 mini-consult with Dra. Estella Hernandez (by appt.). Don’t forget your gym shoes for your 20 Mins Zumba Shot. Let’s do this!


ZUMBA led by RadioHost Lenguas Al Aire 750PM, ZUMBA Master Oscar Reyes! ZUMBA ZUMBA2

ÁmateAhora 90 Day FREE, Fall Health Challenge!

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Got my 3hr in. #DanceMode. My challenge is incorporating my GymTime right before dancing. What challenge are you taking on? 10636050_682242595184406_6932836064385694382_n#AmateAhoraChallenge

90 Day Free Fall Health Challenge. Monthly you will get a free body composite analysis, blood pressure screening, hip/waist measured, 1hr of nutritional coaching with group support, and 1 0n 1 mini-consult with Dra. Estella Hernandez. Let’s do this!

amate ahora CHALLENGE square banner

ÁmateAhora Live on 750PMRadioVive Tuesday 8pm. Q/A 773-455-7635

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Martes a las 8:00PM por o a través de la aplicación USTREAM.

Lenguas Al Aire

Escucha y mira este programa que te mantendrá entretenido de principio a fin.

Héctor González
Cristina López
Vanessa Velz y
Rafa Vargas

Speaker Leticia Madrigal ÁmateAhora

Listen in for… ÁmateAhora’s 90Day FREE! Fall Health Challenge, supervised by Dr. Estella Hernandez MD, Metabolism and Weight Management Specialist, and Performance Psychologist Leticia Madrigal, MA. This Thursday at 6:30pm NutriMedicos 1719 W. 18th St (Pilsen, 60608).

Let's Do This!

Free monthly body composite analysis, blood pressure screening, hip/waist measurement, nutritional coaching with team support, and 1 on 1 mini-consult with Dr. Estella Hernandez, MD. Our generous sponsor! 90 Day Champions Win Prizes.

Get Healthy This Year! Take Our FREE Wellness Challenge, ÁmateAhora! Join us Thursday August 28th

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Free monthly body composite analysis, blood pressure screening, hip/waist measurement, nutritional coaching with team support, and 1 on 1 mini-consult with Dr. Estella Hernandez, MD. Our generous sponsor! 90 Day Champions Win Prizes. NutriMedicos Logo_New_Span

What: 90 Day ÁmateAhora Challenge, FREE
When: Thursday, August 28th 2014 at 630pm
Where: NutriMedicos- 1719 W. 18th Street (Pilsen, 60608)
How: RSVP on our event page or call 773.587.5909c Let's Do This!
RSVP at our event page on FaceBook.


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Alderman Daniel “Danny” Solis plans to stop by and share a few words in support of the ÁmateAhora Movement.

25th Ward Alderman Danny Solis

25th Ward  Daniel Solis

Alderman Solis brings vision, leadership, and action to the diverse 25th Ward community. Examples of Solis’ commitment to these communities can be witnessed as one travels the ward from Plaza Tenochtitlan, the new Dvorak Park and the expanded Mexican Fine Arts Museum at the heart of the Mexican Pilsen community to the newly created Ping Tong Park, an expanded housing development, and an improved Archer Courts Senior Housing Development within Chinatown, to the streetscaping of The Heart of Chicago, highlighting the best of Italian cuisine through its fine restaurants making each a premier stop for visitors and residents alike. To mention a few.

Amate Ahora Health Expo

Visit his office:
For City Services
1800 South Blue Island Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608
Phone: 773.523.4100

Ready to Play w Knight Moves Chess Club! at AmateAhora Health Expo

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Ámate Ahora visiting with our very own and most distinguished Hector Hernandez. This June he’s celebrating his 35th Anniversary as Director of the Rudy Lozano Branch. One of the most visited libraries of the Chicago Public Library in Pilsen. We also met YOUmedia Coordinator Viviana. (see the pic).

YOUmedia… So the design of the YOUmedia experience is based on the research of Professor Mizuko Ito and colleagues, Living and Learning with Digital Media (2008). This ethnographic study of more than 700 youth found that young people participate with digital media in three ways: (1) they “hang out” with friends in social spaces such as Facebook; (2) they “mess around” or tinker with digital media, making simple videos, playing online games, or posting pictures in Flickr; and (3) they “geek out” in online groups that facilitate exploration of their core interests.

Branch libraries with YOUmedias, offer middle school students an opportunity to take workshops such as Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Digital Music, Digital Video, and Radio/Podcasting. Pretty cool! Uber special bonus YOUmedia is considering capturing the ÁmateAhora Health Expo!

Ready to Play w Knight Moves Chess Club at AmateAhora Health Expo. Check their video out. For more information on KMCC, contact Hector R. Hernandez at or (312) 746-4329.

The Knight Moves Chess Club (KMCC) is also located at the Rudy Lozano branch of the Chicago Public Library, the largest Spanish-language library in the city located in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. The club was formed in September, 1989 with a $100 contribution from a local businessman which was used to purchase 12 chess sets. The club has been run ever since by Hector Hernandez, the library’s branch manager, a former president of ICA, and an award-winning leader in Chicago’s adult and youth chess scene for more than 30 years.



Knight Moves Chess Club