‪#‎AmateAhora‬ will be presenting at the Chicago Military Academy!

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‪#‎AmateAhora‬ will be presenting today… 

Source http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/dci/Diseases/chd/chd_types.htm
Author National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

We will be addressing well over 150 cadets, teachers, and health aficionados. Excited to share MyHeartStory, Obesity, CHD, and Living a Healthy Lifestyle. Viva Saludable!

Heartifacts-childhoodPHHH-4295 Know Your Numbers WEB

Congenital heart defect (CHD)… 
Congenital heart anomaly is a defect in the structure of the heart and great vessels that is present at birth. Many types of heart defects exist, most of which either obstruct blood flow in the heart or vessels near it, or cause blood to flow through the heart in an abnormal pattern. Other defects, such as long QT syndrome, affect the heart’s rhythm. Heart defects are among the most common birth defects and are the leading cause of birth defect-related deaths. Approximately 9 people in 1000 are born with a congenital heart defect. Many defects do not need treatment, but some complex congenital heart defects require medication or surgery.


Congenital heart defects resulted in 323,000 deaths in 2013 down from 366,000 deaths in 1990.
Signs and symptoms are related to type and severity of the heart defect. Symptoms frequently present early in life, but it is possible for some CHDs to go undetected throughout life. Some children have no signs while others may exhibit shortness of breath, cyanosis, fainting,heart murmur, under-development of limbs and muscles, poor feeding or growth, or respiratory infections. Congenital heart defects cause abnormal heart structure resulting in production of certain sounds called heart murmur. These can sometimes be detected by auscultation; however, not all heart murmurs are caused by congenital heart defects.


The cause of congenital heart disease…
May be either genetic or environmental, but is usually a combination of both.


Maternal obesity…
As noted in several studies following similar body mass index (BMI) ranges, prepregnant and gestating women, who were obese (BMI ≥ 30), carried a statistically significant risk of birthing children with congenital heart defects (CHD) compared to normal-weight women (BMI= 19–24.9). Although there are minor conflicting reports, there was significant support for the risk of fetal CHD development in overweight mothers (BMI= 25-29.9). Additionally, as maternal obesity increased, the risk of heart defects did too indicating a trend between BMI and CHD odds. Altogether, these results present reasonable concern for women to achieve a normal-weight BMI prior to pregnancy to help decrease risk for fetal heart defects.

A distinct physiological mechanism has not been identified to explain the link between maternal obesity and CHD, but both pre-pregnancy folate deficiency and diabetes have been implicated in some studies. Identification of the mechanism could aid health officials to develop reduction strategies and curb CHD’s prevalence in this preventable situation.


Listos Para el Reto de ÁmateAhora Spring2Primavera! ¡Inscríbete hoy! es Facil y GRATIS!

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Bienvenido al Reto de ÁmateAhora, Es un desafío de 90 Días PorTuSalud. Nos reunimos mensual en el 4715 S. Ashland en MTZ Martial Arts Academy, New City/BackoftheYards, Segundo Piso. 

ÁMATEAHORA Spring2Primavera FB

¡Únete Al Reto! de 90Dias en esta Primavera con Ámate Ahora. Gracias por ¡Únirte al Reto! Este Miercoles 15 de Abril,a las 6:30pm.

Eliges 1 de 5 equipos :
_#PorMiCorazon- Manejo de su Presión Arterial (Equipo Rojo)
_#PorMiSalud- Bajar de Peso (Equipo Amarillo)
_#PorEstarEnForma- Aumentar de Músculo mientras Bajar% de Grasa Corporal (SilverAzul)
_#PorMiFamilia- Aumentar el Consumo de Vegetales como Familia (Equipo Verde)
_#PorMiDiabetes- Disminuir el Consumo de Azucar (Equipo Morado)

El Miercoles Abril 15:

Tu declaras tu RETO y nosotros vamos anotando tu RENDIMIENTO. Te conectas con tu equipo, y como miembro del equipo publicaras tu rendimiento diario con el #AMATEAHORA en tu red social. Ojo- asegúrate de agregar cual equipo representas. Por ejemplo #AmateAhora y #PorMiCorazon o #PorMiSalud o #PorEstarEnForma o #PorMiFamilia o #PorMiDiabetes. Es un Reto! Para GANAR hay que REPORTAR tu rendimiento.
Damos premios por Mejor Rendimiento y Liderazgo de Equipo! Y Tomamos muchos retratos.

Hacemos un seguimiento mensual de tu análisis corporal (te quitas los calcetines para medirte), Hacemos un seguimiento de su presión arterial mensual, ofrecemos charlas de nutricion cuando asistes a nuestras reúnones mensuales donde invitamos a los expertos en temas de salud. Cuentan tambien con Leticia Madrigal Psicóloga de Rendimiento y la Dr. Estella Hernandez, MD.

Gracias a nuestro Generoso Patrocinador
Nutrimedicos también recibies una mini-consulta con la Dra. Estella Hernández MD especialista en Metabolismo y Control de Peso en la clinica Nutrimedicos 1743 W. 18th Street.
Patricipas por 40 minutos con el entrenador Oscar Reyes de ZUMBA y gracias a Fernando Martinez CEO de MTZ MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY en New City en el 2ndo piso tenemos su espacio fabuloso donde cuentan con nuestro asesoramiento, exámenes y ejercicio (trae zapatos de cardio)!


Leticia Madrigal, MA – Valvular Heart Disorder Champion, HeartLand District, Chicago, IL

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WomenHeart2015My HeartStory…
Leticia is a marathon aficionado, advocate, industrial/organizational psychologist, and caregiver. Mom a pacemaker survivor after Type2 Diabetes damaged her heart and dad passed from a Heat Stroke that led to a massive heart attack. She was inspired to share their family’s story and founded ÁmateAhora, Voices for Health. She reached out to WomenHeart. Thanks to WomenHeart, insisting she see a Cardiologist, they saved her life. Fall 2014 she was first detected with a Heart Murmur, later diagnosed with Valvular Regurgitation aka “Leaky Valves”. It’s a condition where the valves don’t close properly making her heart work harder.

10649065_10152403783920267_8Knowing is Not Enough…
Thought she was protected from heart disease, due to her healthy lifestyle, but quickly learned that every woman is at risk. Leticia urges you to be your family’s Heart Health Champion. She shares, “There comes great peace and power in coming to terms with your health and being proactive. ÁmateAhora, LoveYouNow, Tomorrow May Be Too Late.”

heart_of_style_logoSharing My HeartStory Nationwide…
This February Leticia Madrigal MA, National Spokesperson for WomenHeart will co-lead with a Cardiologist the HeartOfStyleTours for La Mujer Hispana collaborating with BurlingtonCoatFactory. Where she will be sharing her HeartStory in Illinois, New York, Arizona and California. Stay tuned for the details.

Mujeres Hispanas Están en Mayor Riesgo…
¿Sabía usted que la enfermedad cardiaca es la principal causa de muerte entre las mujeres en Estados Unidos y que las mujeres hispanas están en mayor riesgo? Un reciente estudio indica que por lo menos el 71% de las mujeres hispanas tienen por lo menos un factor de riesgo asociado con enfermedades cardiacas.

Compartiré Mi História De Corazón al Nivel National…
WomenHeart y el Equipo de Burlington se unen por el cuarto año consecutivo para Educar a las Mujeres sobre las Enfermedades del Corazón, la Causa Principal de Muertes en las Mujeres. En Febrero, Leticia Madrigal, MA portavoz de WomenHeart compartirá su história de corazón en Illinois, New York, Arizona and California. Síguenos atentamente para todos los detalles. 


Interested in learning more visit http://www.womenheart.org/


Por La Mujer Hispana,  join us #HeartofFitnessTour

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Thanks to BurlingtonCoatFactory I’ll be on the #HeartOfFitnessTour on behalf of WomenHeart.

WomenHeart & Burlington want to educate women nationwide about their risk for heart disease, the #1 killer of women. By knowing & managing their risk factors & their family history, women can protect their hearts. That is why WomenHeart & B

February 1 through March 31, Visit your local Burlington Coat Factory. Customers can support women living with heart disease at their local Burlington stores by donating $1 or more at check-out to benefit WomenHeart and their mission to educate women about the importance of heart health and to support women living with the disease. As a thank you for donating, customers will receive 20% off their purchase at http://www.1-800Flowers.com. Burlington will also donate $1, up to $25,000, to WomenHeart for every dress sold.

burlingtonPeople all across the country are invited to stop by their local Burlington to visit the Heart of Fitness Tour, a mobile event where they will experience a fun and informative women’s oasis, complete with plush comfortable seating and stylish décor. Experienced heart health professionals will be on board to provide complimentary heart health screenings, consisting of blood pressure and Body Mass Index tests, as well as a risk factor questionnaire. In addition, bi-lingual educational materials, sponsored by Burlington, will be provided by WomenHeart Champions,heart disease survivors and community educators.


Your fork, fingers and feet can determine your fate via Dr. Joel Kahn #amateahora

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Imagine walking out of the doctor’s office for your check up at age 50 and beaming because you were told that you were at super low risk for heart disease. In fact, the doctor said you had ideal levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, fasting glucose and smoking status. Would you be surprised that ideal levels are found in only a small number of those checked? Did they get their healthy heart status by luck or did they have lifestyle habits early in life that promoted winning the “ideal” status banner? Can you plan, even in your teens or 20’s to do the same? read more http://www.onegreenplanet.org/natural-health/plant-powered-diet-youth-healthy-heart/

Love you momma Madrigal

CARDIA Study Shows Choices Matter When it Comes to Preventing Heart Disease

The Coronary Artery Risk Development in (Young) Adults Study or CARDIA has been studying the health of thousands of people recruited when they were 18-30 years old and followed for 20 years or more. They reported on habits associated with having this “ideal” heart status and the lessons are instructive and simple for all. At the beginning of the study, 44 percent had low risk heart status mainly because they were so young, and the “ideal” measurements by 20 years of follow-up fell to 25 percent of the group. Apparently things like getting older, jobs and raising families challenge us to remain on a healthy path.

The researchers looked at five simple lifestyle habits to see how they related to having the low cardiac risk at year 20. These habits were: not smoking, optimal body weight, and diet habits that incorporated higher amounts of fiber (think plants), potassium (think plants), calcium (think nuts and seeds) and less saturated fats (again think plants.) Regular physical activity and average alcohol intake (vs. none) were the other lifestyle habits measured. They also looked at a second score (AHEI) of food items and gave point for higher levels of eating vegetables, fruit, fish and poultry, non-meat protein like nuts and soy, whole grains, low trans fats, moderate alcohol intake, and a higher polyunsaturated to saturated fat intake.

The Results Are In

Drum roll please! Whether judged by the five lifestyle habits or the multi-component AHEI food score, the better the lifestyle at a young age, the greater was the chance of ending up in middle age with a low heart disease risk status. It is not chance, it is lifestyle choices baby! You are in control. Your fork, fingers and feet can determine your fate.

For example, participants who practiced all five lifestyle habits had a 60 percent low risk heart status compared to participants with zero to one healthy habits who had about a five percent chance of being rated low risk in mid-life. That is a big difference that will result in a much better chance of living a normal span of years without illness and disability. The same trend and numbers existed for those with the highest points on the AHEI score vs the lowest. The most powerful predictor of ending up low risk in mid-life was…..never smoking as the other positive lifestyle habits were most common in those that also chose to never smoke. So give it up now if you are still smoking. Eat leaves, don’t smoke them!

From a Doc’s Perspective

I heard a piece of ancient Indian wisdom this week I want to share. It says “A person with health has 1000 dreams while a person without good health has only one dream.” The message of the CARDIA trial is that you are never too young, or too old, to plan to lower your risk of heart disease, the number one killer in Western society. Failing to plan is planning to fail and it will steal your dreams. Never smoke, eat lots of your damn vegetables and fruits, work out, stay thin by passing up on extra processed junk foods, and enjoy a glass of wine now and then. Please keep my waiting room empty.


Es el Mes Americano de la Diabetes®. November is National Diabetes Month. Take the ADA Challenge

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Es el Mes Americano de la Diabetes®adm_esp_nov2014_365x234 y la Asociación desafía a los estadounidenses a que comiencen a vivir un estilo de vida más saludable utilizando la información y recursos disponibles de la campaña de este año llamada América cocina℠ para ponerle un Alto a la Diabetes®. Por medio de los medios sociales y una página de web interactiva http://www.diabetesforecast.org/mesdeladiabetes, la Asociación compartirá consejos de comida saludables, datos sobre nutrición y diabetes, recetas y más. – See more at: http://www.diabetes.org/es/?loc=util-header_es#sthash.HULlXTXr.dpuf

Take the American Diabetes Association challenge and Cook Healthy!


La diabetes es un grupo de enfermedades caracterizadas por un alto nivel de glucosa resultado de defectos en la capacidad del cuerpo para producir o usar insulina.

Importance-of-Taking-Action¿No está seguro de lo que significa eso? Este es el lugar para averiguarlo. Acá explicamos todo lo básico. Además, encontrará muchos enlaces a información más detallada sobre una variedad de temas.- See more at: http://www.diabetes.org/es/informacion-basica-de-la-diabetes/#sthash.O5aw8LZL.dpuf

“The risk for heart disease is six times higher for women with diabetes than those without,” says Marianne Legato, MD, FACP, director of the Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine at Columbia University. With men, diabetes increases the risk for heart disease two- to threefold. Data also show that women with diabetes are more likely than men with the disease to have poor blood glucose control, be obese, and have high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels. Read more at http://www.diabetesforecast.org/2011/oct/how-diabetes-differs-for-men-and-women.html


Today, in honor of American Diabetes Month, we are announcing an educational program – Step On Up – developed as a collaboration with Pfizer for people with painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy, or diabetic nerve pain. The program features Cedric The Entertainer, whose father has type 2 diabetes and is part of the 1 in 5 people living with diabetes who suffers from diabetic nerve pain.

High blood glucose increases your risk for permanent nerve damage that can lead to burning, shooting pain in the feet or hands. Talk to your doctor about these symptoms and take a step toward some pain relief. Check out our PSA and visit. http://StepOnUp.com/ to learn more.

Check out the video with Cedric!

imgresCedric’s father, who is living with diabetes, has diabetic nerve pain – burning, shooting pain in his feet and hands. With a passion to help others, Cedric is letting everyone know that people living with diabetes can develop nerve damage, which can cause diabetic nerve pain. He is encouraging people with diabetes and this kind of pain to start a conversation with their doctors. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152477977809033%E2%80%B3%3EPost%3C/a&gt

Diabetic Nerve Pain Assessment

It can be hard to explain how you are feeling to your doctor. This Diabetic Nerve Pain Assessment can help you get the conversation started. You and your doctor can use it to see if you have diabetic nerve pain and how it is affecting you.

Fill it out and take it with you to your next doctor’s appointment.

Get Started


Join me this Sunday! Hot Chocolate 15/5K Proceeds benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities – Chicago Chapter & Little City.

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Too cold? It will all be worth it when you cross the finish line greeted by delicious hot chocolate, chocolate goodies, and chocolate fondue (equipped with marshmallows, bananas, rice krispies and pretzels). Who wouldn’t want to run for chocolate  http://www.hotchocolate15k.com/chicago/

Thanks to HispanicProHispanicProWe acknowledged our 90Day Fall Fit Champions Denise Mellado and Eddie Robles with all the trimmings.

Packet Pick Inside McCormick Place:
10635724_676397202467212_2134689704188097067_n(Inbox me so we can go together for pickup)
Thursday, November 6 , 3pm-7pm
Friday, November 7, 10am-7pm
Saturday, November 8, 10am-6pm

Did I mention the awesome goodie bag? All participants will receive a sweet full zip hoodie (his/hers styles with thumbholes and zippered pockets!) too. In addition, for the first time ever, all 15K finishers will receive an official Hot Chocolate Chicago 15K medal to commemorate their awesome achievement. 10523719_676401259133473_8102172377240440706_n


Not Feeling like Your “Usual Self” DETOX. I’m on Day 1 of 1O. You In?

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Ok so I’m ‘fessing up I am not feeling like my usual myself.  I don’t feel I’m looking my best either. And that’s not a great feeling to carry. I realize I’m over due in my detox routine. I consider it like a tuneup or reseting/rebooting my system. You may ask how often? Well I do my best to detox every season. and I am ready.

2014 Fall Fit Health Challenge!!! Join me


I’ll start detoxing by easing into a raw diet say, I increase my intake by 10% then 20%. I do that the first two days. I generally follow a 75% raw diet.


300I will be using a 7day RAW Cleanse. And throughout the 10 days I am working on my own version of The Master Cleanse.

Publication1234Master cleanse lemonadeMaster Cleanse 056edited

I will be sharing with you my Master Cleanse Journey.

My Master Cleanse concoction is heavy on the organic lemons including the skin and cayenne pepper. Gym, weight training and sauna too.


By the way for my 90day Fall Fit Challengees’ we are at 10 days away from our next weigh-in, Thursday October 30th. And I’m all in. I will be sharing with you my journey. Let’s do this and bring your gym shoes for the Zumba.