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Kickoff Spring with AmateAhora’s 3 Month Challenge!

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Join us Thursday 630pm March 27th at NutriMedicos! Kickoff the Spring with our 3 Month Challenge! Signup today. Its Free. Be A Voice For Healthy Living in Your Community.

Monthly offering a PowWow 20min Bootcamp Workout with Nancy Gonzalez & Jeremiah D. Jones! Dr. Estella Hernandez MD and Leticia Madrigal MA +Guest Speakers! on Expert Coaching for Healthy Living. Team coaching and Screening available. Screening includes Monthly Blood Pressure, Body Composite Analysis, & Waist/hip measure. 1 mini-consult with Dr. Hernandez MD.

Cool prize for AmateAhora Fitness Champion, acknowledged at Expo. Let’s do this!

Go to our website. Click Participate and signup. It’s free.


Thank you! Grazie! Obrigado! Gracias! Merci! Support ÁMATE AHORA | LOVE YOURSELF NOW Reach 1000+ Likes

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Thank you! Grazie! Obrigado! Gracias! Merci! Support ÁMATE AHORA | LOVE YOURSELF NOW Reach 1000+ Likes

On a personal from Leticia Madrigal MA on this Thanksgiving week, I’m present to life’s gifts: choosing love, creating peace, and causing vitality.

As a family we chose to take a stand for men’s health and share the power in family advocacy. inspired by my father’s preventable and tragic passing. And my mother powerfully managing her Diabetes. June will be our 3rd annual health expo!

The Health of Your Home Begins With You | La Salud De Tu Hogar Comienza Contigo!


ÁMATE AHORA is unique in that we we are 100% volunteer led. We are community leaders, caregiver advocates, panelists, exhibitors, sponsors, and stakeholders committed to mobilizing the community to be Empowered and Live Healthy. We are a bilingual multicultural and powerfully diverse team of transformation agents. Standing for optimal wellbeing.
Collaborating as one!

“WE Quick AmateAhora Workout” Thursday Dec 5th at 6:30pm 1719 W. 18Th Street at NutriMedicos

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WE Quick AmateAhora WorkOut
WE Quick AmateAhora WorkOut
Monthly Health Challenge
Monthly Health Challenge

Yesterday Nancy Gonzalez presented on the importance of incorporating a quick workout in your life! At our #AmateAhoraCampeonesDeSalud Health Challenge monthly gatherings sponsored by NutriMedicos with Dra. Estella Hernandez MD.

Join us Thursday December 5th and Dec 19th at 630PM. Nancy and I will be offering a “WE Quick AmateAhora Workout”

Where: NutriMedicos 1719 W. 18th Street.

Whose Welcome: From Middle Schoolers to those Retired are welcome.

Register at:

Support Nancy Gonzalez at WE Movement-Mind-Wellness FB page.