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Ida Keeling says “ÁmateAhora|Love Yourself” After Setting World Record Race at 99.

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Ida turns 100 on May 15, Derrick Lane BDO Contributing Writer, asked about her thoughts on longevity.

“Eat for nutrition, not for taste. Do what you need to do, not what you want to do and don’t leave out your daily exercise. Love yourself.”

ÁmateAhora | Love Yourself! we agree Ida. Well said.

IDA KEELING 99yrs world record race

She started competitive running at age 67 to help deal with grief over losing her two sons from drug-related homicides. And now she is the first woman in the 95-99 age group to have completed an internationally certified race. 2015 she hopes to set a new record in the 100 and older age group, Love You Ida!

Even though Ida Keeling came in last place in the 100 meter race on August 12th, 2014, she took first place in the record books. The 99-year-old great-great-grandmother from New York finished the 100-meter race Tuesday with a time of 59.8 seconds, becoming the first woman in the 95-99 age group to have completed the event in an internationally certified race, according to her daughter, Shelley Keeling.

Congratulations to Ida Keeling! Read her journey from grief to peace of mind :