HISPANIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP SURGE! Learn More at Tonight’s HispanicPro Forum. August 19 at Vertigo Sky Lounge

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“The Partnership for a New American Economy and the Latino Donors Collaborative today released a new report showing how the number of Hispanic entrepreneurs in America has grown exponentially over the past two decades, powering the economy during the recent recession. Hispanic immigrants in particular are now more likely to be entrepreneurs than the average member of the U.S. population overall.” This report was prepared by Marie T. Mora, Ph.D. and Alberto Dávila, Ph.D of the University of Texas – Pan American. READ MORE >>

Maricela Vazquez Join me with Maricela Vazquez of Telemundo Chicago as moderator at tonight’s Sales & Entrepreneurship Networking Forum. Vertigo Sky Lounge
2 W Erie St Chicago, IL 60654 Tuesday, August 19, 2014 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM (CDT)
Vazquez is the first and only Spanish speaking Latina Meteorologist in Chicago Media. And the only Latina meteorologist in Chicago with the National Weather Association seal. Maricela’s passion for meteorology has achieved a certification in “severe weather watch”. Served internationally as entertainment reporter in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Karla Mina Karla Mina, Broker Consultant, Coldwell Banker, TV & Radio Host. Karla started her career at the assignment desk for Telemundo, Channel 44. Then focused on 17 Million dollar marketing budgets. Built marketing strategies and gained a great deal of insight into the world of marketing, and real estate, her true love.

Yai Vargas, National Marketing Manager, Latino Market, New York Life Insurance Company. Travels to 40 cities around the US where she drives local community initiatives promoting financial literacy and planning for the Latino community. Yai Vargas

Joseph DeLaGarza Joseph De La Garza, Senior Business Counselor, Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Assists Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) in obtaining a certification as an MBE, connecting to Fortune 500 companies in order to sell their goods and services, exporting to other countries and identifying financing opportunities to expand their business or refinance existing debt.


Ámate Ahora says Que Viva El Amor! for our very own Dr. Estella Hernandez MD & Carlos Martinez MBA from NutriMedicos

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“Cuando por fin se encuentran dos almas,
Que durante tanto tiempo se han buscado
una a otra entre el gentío,
Cuando advierten que son parejas,
Que se comprenden y corresponden,
En una palabra, que son semejantes,
surge entonces para siempre una unión vehemente y pura como ellas mismas,
una unión que comienza en la tierra y perdura en el cielo.
Esa unión es amor…” Victor Hugo

Ámate Ahora wishes you and your beautiful family a lifetime of love, health, vitality and adventure!

Thank you NutriMedicos

It has been our distinct pleasure over the years to collaborate and discover the many ways we can impact communities in both the prevention and intervention for healthy living! The ÁmateAhora Network and Movement we have created stands as one voice committed to mobilizing communities for healthy living one day at a time. We send you a heartfelt thank you and “fuerte abrazo” thanks for being a powerhouse couple and our home. You make a difference, “Si Se Puede!”


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Farmer's Market in Puerto Vallarta

Whale watching, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Estella & Carlos

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ÁmateAhora at Radio Formula 1450AM El Derecho Del Pueblo w Counsel Mateo Katz

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El Derecho Del Pueblo 1450AM: El Abogado KATZ con Psicologa Industrial Leticia Madrigal y Fundadora de ÁmateAhora


Recap of what was planned for the interview:
Intro for Leticia:
Leticia Madrigal MA is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, works independently at Madrigal Consulting, and Founder of the ÁmateAhora/LoveUNow Movement. She is board and associate board to three non profits.

Leticia tell us more about yourself and the ÁmateAhora/LoveUNow Movement.

Thanks Mateo! I’m Leticia Madrigal, 1st generation born in Chicago from Nuevo Leon Mexico.

And as Founder of the ÁmateAhora | LoveUNow Movement. We are a stand for creating the experience of power and peace of mind by coming to terms with our health and mobilizing communities to be proactive worldwide.

Tell us what inspired you to create the ÁmateAhora | LoveUNow Movement.

I’ll answer that two fold.

Let me ask your listeners. Do you have family, friends, neighbors who have died from a preventable condition? Many of do.

Did you know? About 600,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year–that’s 1 in every 4 deaths. While almost everyone is affected by heart disease directly or indirectly, Afro-americans and Latinos face even higher risks of cardiovascular diseases because of high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Additionally, heart disease is the #1 killer of Hispanic women

. Unlike many illnesses, heart disease is preventable!

We are at an alarming rate of Obesity and we are calling to action our community to embrace where we are and take action today for a path to optimal health. Because the quality of our health is being compromised.

Can you share with us how ÁmateAhora | LoveUNow connects with you on a personal level?

Sure thanks for asking. I’ll share with you my personal testimony in the power we have to transform our lives.

My father withheld his symptoms from everyone including his doctor. His silence led to his untimely death in 2012. He fell prey to Heat Stroke, he had a heart condition, he was overweight. It was preventable. I challenge you to break the silence in our Men’s Health and Empower Families to Live Healthy!

On the other hand, my mother’s doctor told her she had 6 months to live she chose to powerfully manage her diabetes and now, years later, she’s loving life.

What is ÁmateAhora | LoveUNow upto?

AmateAhora creates multiple teams that continue the conversation to get up & move by hosting health challenges, run for causes, & an annual expo. Collaborating with NutriMedicos since 2012 we offer a monthly screening and support program to lower hypertension and live healthy. We are launching our Campiones De Salud at NutriMedicos this August 2014-2015.

Signup now on For this Saturday June 14th at AVI 2800 S. Western. 10am-4pm. Free for all.

Q&A with the doctors, live performances, healthy bites, ZUMBA, painting, chess playing for adults and kids.

Nutrimedicos w Dr Estella Hernandez MD AT 1719 W. 18th Street (Paulina), Pilsen. Dr. Hernandez is a family doctor and specialist in metabolism, weight management, and bariatic surgery.

Ámate Ahora, Be a Voice for Healthy Living in Your Community.


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