#AmateAhora invites you for an extra special photo shoot thanks to CHICAGO EXPRESSION MAGAZINE

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TONIGHT 6PM! EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!! We thank you for your support and your continuous Voice for Health.

Thanks again CHICAGO EXPRESSION MAGAZINE CEO/Publisher Jeree Cardenas!

We have already photographed 7 of the 12 causes for the AmateAhora Voices for Health 2015, we will Rock our Causes by wearing their designated color tonight for the photo shoot and Roar our Voices for that Cause at our Annual Health Expo.   


WOULD YOU ROAR YOUR VOICES FOR Autism (Wear Light Blue and bring a prop of a puzzle), Kidney Health (Wear GREEN), School Safety (Wear white w a Caution Sign Symbol or Prop), Blood Cord Registry Awareness Fight Blood Cancer (Green), Childhood Obesity (Yellow).

Today Thursday Sept 10 6pm at Diez Y Ocho 2000 W. 18St 2FL. Thanks to Chef/CEO Michael Hernandez, CEO Frank Spangolo 

Please confirm by Noon whether you are interested or you’ll pass at 773-587-5909c