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How’s your circle working for you? are you reciprocating

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Dear ÁmateAhora friends, how disheartening to have read a recent post.

As you move forward in life you may need to change your circle of friends. Everyone around you isn’t interested in seeing you improve.

Some Drill Hole in Your Boat-2

It is disheartening to perceive disengagement, ill will, or indifference of your success within your circle of friends. I agree whether rivalry or not; intuitive or a fact. Being an advocate for collaboration vs competition. Works! Being in communication and servicing each other for a greater good moves you and your circle of friends forward, collectively. While working in silos are prevalent in a world of “a me and me alone” attitude, handling win-lose negotiations, ineffective communication, stagnating lead talent, taking high risks, and compromising your team. All may end in long term headaches and a depleting life.

connect. grow. serve. go Success comes with grace and ease when joining forces with the best while consistently nurturing each other by acknowledging your friends, fellow colleagues, team mates, partners grand contribution! Moving each other collectively. I agree let us choose to infinitely expand our circle of explosively brilliant and generous friends.

Cheers ÁmateAhora friends! Here’s to a life of grace and ease! Reciprocate!