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Meztisoy Organic Pilsen Market Honors ÁMATE by naming Meztisoy’s Fav ELIXER, ÁMATEAHORA!

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We are uber happy to continue collaborating with Meztisoy and so honored we were named after one of their fav ELIXERS, ÁMATEAHORA! Visit 1757 W. 18Th Street. AmateAhora Sonia and Jennifer

Jennifer Guevara Radio Host for Radio Vive 750PM, Committee Coordinator for Ms. Señorita Fiesta del Sol 2014 and I agree with Meztisoy, let’s provide access to healthy options at affordable prices. Bueno, Bonito, Barato! We are thrilled that Meztisoy is local, providing access to fresh juice, educating the community of its benefits, and offering it as a beverage of choice. ÁMATEAHORA! Is a 12oz bunny elixer, gets your veggies in and gives you an opportunity to say hi to Sonia! Its a WIN-WIN.

Elk Grove High School powered up with Meztisoy. Wonder which school is next? Could be you! Elk Grove High School at MeztiSoy


Hey check out the video clip Telemundo Chicago did at Meztisoy on Juicing/Conoce Las Realidades De La Jugoterapia.

fructose-makes-your-brain-dull We get that our culture is driven by sugary soda and red meat. Hence we are committed to take a stand by sharing our testimony on the benefits of being healthy and investing in Your Health! She wants to share options like ground soy, tofu, vegetables and Bok Choy to use in family recipes for tacos, soups and enchiladas. Sonia adds “We want to make sure our community knows that meat is not the only food that is nutritional, and present vegan dishes with a Mexican twist.”

Sonia Yanez Co-Owner at Meztisoy shares with us her mission and vision. “Meztisoy is a community grocery store where you are in connection with your roots, and is a place where we can show alternative options, for healthy living.” View the video Pilsen Portal prepared for you on Meztisoy.
About Meztisoy

The Yañez family redesigned the interior layout to mimic a market that you would see in various Latino countries. It’s a one-stop-shop where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meat, poultry, fish, cheeses and Mexican-style soy creations from the deli, an affordable meal at the café with a vegan-focused menu, also experience the opportunity to try fresh juice and elixers. Not only does Meztisoy offer the organic products, but the store also has a built-in juice bar. Such a gift to have Meztisoy in Pilsen! Juice Menu

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ÁmateAhora interviewed on Soy LatinoAmerica! RadioVive

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Thanks to both dynamo radio hosts Luis Stalin Cruz and Norma Casarrubias for having me at Soy LatinoAmerica. We had a great time sharing how I met Norma “Amore”. All thanks goes to the one and only EL POTRILLO DE CHICAGO, David Guevara.

He highly recommended I reach out and meet her. Immediately I attended her Zumba class at Rosario Castellanos Community School 5pm-6pm, what a workout. The Zumba Mommas at Castellanos rock!


David Guevara

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Luis was very interested in my views on the importance to completing higher education and my perspective as an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist. Distinguishing a Clinical Psychologist from Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and sharing what steered my path.

We, ÁmateAhora, shared about the Urgency of the Critical State of Our Health. And the Power We Have to Choose to Live Healthy. Norma asked about my passion for health and where my inspiration came from. I was a pleasure to share and invite their radio audience to our Health Expo Saturday June 14th 10AM-4PM.

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