Muchas Gracias Lalo’s On Maxwell

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Lalo's On Maxwell

Hands down the best service, team, bartenders, administration! Heartfelt thanks to the Thursday Night Bartender Crew! Safe Kept my IPhone! Mil gracias Alex Cabrera, Benjamin Modragon, Lalo’s On Maxwell, and Chef Enrique Cortes you have been our exceptionally generous sponsors since we launched ÁmateAhora! Thanks for your continued and invaluable support.

Not just Tacos

Not long ago, the average person regarded Mexican Food as being limited to tacos, enchiladas and mouth-boiling salsas. Few people were actually aware of the vast array of sauces, spices, and flavors that make the Mexican cuisine so unique. For nearly thirty years, Lalo’s Restaurants has taken pride in bringing this refined cuisine to Chicago. Lalo’s traces it’s roots to a small 24 seat restaurant located in the heart of Chicago’s Mexican Community. By following a strict policy of only serving top quality, authentic dishes; that small restaurant steadily grew in popularity. Soon, this location became too small to serve the needs of its existing clientele. Lalo’s soon expanded to a full-sized restaurant just two blocks away. By establishing the same food systems and serving the same traditional Mexican dishes (all of which were adopted from family recipes) the restaurant was able to gain more customers. In fact, demand was so big in this area that another unit was opened less than a mile away. For the next nine years, Lalo’s Restaurant solely operated from those two units.

Lalo's On Maxwell

Knowing that many new customers were venturing from suburbs such as Cicero, Oak Park, Berwyn, and Bolingbrook the time seemed right to open a new restaurant in the suburbs. In 1984, a new Lalo’s was opened in Cicero, Illinois. Sure enough, the new restaurant became an instant success. In fact, not only did this new Cicero location become the busiest restaurant on that section of Cermak road, but the restaurant soon expanded to the building next door, thus doubling the seating capacity. Today, there are a total of 12 units both in the city and the suburbs. Including Lalo’s On Maxwell!!! Although there have been several franchise proposals, the restaurants still remain entirely family owned. Lalo’s restaurant is looking for continued growth in the future. Whatever the future holds, Lalo’s has pledged to always serve the same original recipes that have made it a Chicagoland tradition.

lalo's on maxwell


Great information about Lalo’s On Maxwell and awesome catering deals! (312) 455-9380
733 W Maxwell Street
Chicago, IL, United States 60607

Every Heartbeat Matters!

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With a vision of improving the quality of life around the world, the Edwards Lifesciences created a Fund a decade ago. Since then, the Fund has donated more than $30 million to hundreds of non-profit organizations to help them carry out their shared goals and aspirations.

As they look to the future, they want their philanthropy to help even more people and make a stronger impact. Their longstanding expertise in heart valves and deep commitment to patients is driving their efforts to reduce the global burden of heart valve disease through a focused philanthropic strategy to help those with the greatest challenges. It’s an urgent need, because millions of people all around the world are suffering from this disease.

Something must be done. So they have set a bold goal:

By 2020, our philanthropy will impact the global burden of heart valve disease by supporting the education, screening and treatment of one million underserved people. Read more:

WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease

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wh-logo-160x160px As the leading voice for the 42.7 million American women living with or at risk of heart disease, WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease is the only national patient-centered organization dedicated to promoting women’s heart health through advocacy, community education and patient support.

Click to access womenheart_champions_fact_sh.pdf

Founded in 1999 by three women heart attack survivors, WomenHeart’s founders transformed the isolation, confusion and ignorance about women’s heart disease into a call to action to save women’s lives. WomenHeart’s goal is to make sure that all women heart patients can receive quality health care and have access to education and emotional support.

To further this goal, in 2012, WomenHeart developed the National Hospital Alliance. Comprised of hospitals committed to advancing women’s heart health, the WomenHeart National Hospital Alliance is a partnership that seeks to ensure that women heart disease patients in every community have access to information, education and patient support services. Hospitals that join the Alliance have access to educational materials and programs developed by the nation’s medical leaders in women’s heart health, and are eligible to send two women from their community who are living with heart disease to attend the WomenHeart Science & Leadership Symposium.

Science & Leadership Symposium

The focus of the Science & Leadership Symposium is to train women with heart disease to establish and lead patient support groups for women with heart disease in their local hospitals through the National Hospital Alliance. The goal is to have two women from each National Hospital Alliance member’s community attend the training and return to their community to lead and manage this new WomenHeart Support Network at the hospital host site. You will learn about the medical aspects of heart disease, how to educate women in your community, and how to lead a patient support network. You will also learn how to tell your personal heart story to inspire and empower other women to take charge of their heart health. You will meet and bond with other women living with heart disease, and learn from the nation’s leading health care professionals, cardiologists, experts in women’s health, and communications professionals. If you would like to learn more about the Fall 2014 Symposium, please click here.

How can I bring the National Hospital Alliance to my hospital?

If you are a woman living with heart disease who would like to become a WomenHeart Champion but your hospital is not a member of the National Hospital Alliance, it is not too late! WomenHeart accepts members for the National Hospital Alliance throughout the year on a rolling basis. It is WomenHeart’s vision to bring this great program to every community in need across the nation and with your help this vision can come to fruition! If you are interested in working to develop relationships with local hospitals in your community to spread awareness of this program, please contact WomenHeart’s Chief Operating Officer, Mary McGowan. Through this partnership, you will have the opportunity to apply to an upcoming Science & Leadership Symposium and lead a patient support group. Click here to learn more about the National Hospital Alliance.

ÁmateAhora Speaking at UNISONO! Sat September 13th at Pilsen’s Community Tent on 18th Place and BlueIsland. Stop by and say hello.

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ÁmateAhora Speaking at UNISONO! Saturday September 13th at Pilsen’s Community Tent on 18th Place and BlueIsland. amate ahora CHALLENGE square banner

Unisono listens to the cry for Health and Wellness, VIVA SALUDABLE! Free Yoga, martial arts and dance classes, interactive demonstrations, educational workshops and food will come together to bring about the importance of the six components of HEALTH: physical, spiritual, emotional, social, environmental, and mental along with the 7 dimensions of WELLNESS: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical. (Community Tent on 18th Place & BlueIsland 1PM).

The 4th annual Unisono Festival will kick off on September 13 at their all new location. Thanks to Danny Solis and the 25th Ward offices we will be taking over 18th street and Blue Island / Loomis.

Community and celebration of cultural diversity is what we will feature through a myriad of components…



12:30 to 1:30….Pilsen MC show case
1:40 to 2:20…Rimel
2:40 to 3:20….Killer Moon
3:40 to 4:20….Kelroy
4:40 to 5:20….Four Star brass band
5:40 to 6:20….Brothers Star Race
6:40 to 7:20….Dos Santos Antibeat Orchestra
7:40 to 8:20….Hector Guerra
8:45pm to 10:00pm…Danay Suarez

DJ Stage

11a to 1230…..Dj Moppy
1230 to 200……..DJ Joycette
200 to 300……..DJ Mr. West
300 to 400…….. Dj Sikensi
400 to 500……..Afroqbano
500 to 600……..Echodroides (dj set)
600 to 700……..Charlie Glitch (Ghetto Division)
700 to 800……..Soulphonetics
800 to 900……..Newlife (FEX Global/Chicago)

ANY!WHERE GALLERY (artist component)
Victims Of Art Tattoo Gallery
– Rampy Vivian
-Mike Soria

Featuring art by:
Marissa Macias
Dan Fransee
Rampy Vivian
Miguel Ramirez Molins
Julieta Alvarez Leal
Chris Knight Creations
German Valles Fernandez

Big Love Chicago, ÁmateAhora (Health and Wellness component)
and so much more…

Suggested Donation: $5/person, $10/family.
Visit us at: for more information

2014 Fall 90Day Challenge Social Media BANNER

‘Cause You’re Worth It!

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Become a WomenHeart Champion or a Support Network Coordinator through a National Hospital Alliance member hospital!

If you are a woman living with heart disease and want to help other women by becoming a WomenHeart Champion volunteer community educator, apply today for the prestigious 2014 WomenHeart Science & Leadership Symposium at Mayo Clinic! Or, if you are a woman heart disease survivor interested in establishing and leading a patient support group for women with heart disease at your local hospital through WomenHeart’s National Hospital Alliance, apply!

Applications are currently being accepted for the fall 2014 WomenHeart Science & Leadership Symposium. Symposium fees, meals, and hotel accommodations are covered. Deadline Labor Day Weekend. So apply today! to become a WomenHeart Champion or a Support Network Coordinator through a National Hospital Alliance member hospital!

Note to health care professionals: please share this announcement with patients who you think would make great volunteer community leaders, educators, advocates, and national spokespersons on the issue of women and heart disease. Act Now! wh-logo-160x160px

Applicants must complete and submit the application form, provide the other requested documentation, and participate in a 45 minute phone interview to be considered. For more information, call WomenHeart at 202-728-7199.


Meztisoy Organic Pilsen Market Honors ÁMATE by naming Meztisoy’s Fav ELIXER, ÁMATEAHORA!

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We are uber happy to continue collaborating with Meztisoy and so honored we were named after one of their fav ELIXERS, ÁMATEAHORA! Visit 1757 W. 18Th Street. AmateAhora Sonia and Jennifer

Jennifer Guevara Radio Host for Radio Vive 750PM, Committee Coordinator for Ms. Señorita Fiesta del Sol 2014 and I agree with Meztisoy, let’s provide access to healthy options at affordable prices. Bueno, Bonito, Barato! We are thrilled that Meztisoy is local, providing access to fresh juice, educating the community of its benefits, and offering it as a beverage of choice. ÁMATEAHORA! Is a 12oz bunny elixer, gets your veggies in and gives you an opportunity to say hi to Sonia! Its a WIN-WIN.

Elk Grove High School powered up with Meztisoy. Wonder which school is next? Could be you! Elk Grove High School at MeztiSoy


Hey check out the video clip Telemundo Chicago did at Meztisoy on Juicing/Conoce Las Realidades De La Jugoterapia.

fructose-makes-your-brain-dull We get that our culture is driven by sugary soda and red meat. Hence we are committed to take a stand by sharing our testimony on the benefits of being healthy and investing in Your Health! She wants to share options like ground soy, tofu, vegetables and Bok Choy to use in family recipes for tacos, soups and enchiladas. Sonia adds “We want to make sure our community knows that meat is not the only food that is nutritional, and present vegan dishes with a Mexican twist.”

Sonia Yanez Co-Owner at Meztisoy shares with us her mission and vision. “Meztisoy is a community grocery store where you are in connection with your roots, and is a place where we can show alternative options, for healthy living.” View the video Pilsen Portal prepared for you on Meztisoy.
About Meztisoy

The Yañez family redesigned the interior layout to mimic a market that you would see in various Latino countries. It’s a one-stop-shop where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meat, poultry, fish, cheeses and Mexican-style soy creations from the deli, an affordable meal at the café with a vegan-focused menu, also experience the opportunity to try fresh juice and elixers. Not only does Meztisoy offer the organic products, but the store also has a built-in juice bar. Such a gift to have Meztisoy in Pilsen! Juice Menu

Read more about Meztisoy:


Like them on Facebook:

Running Brings Family Together! Listen to the Love!

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Thanks to my RUNHARD niece Denice L. Treviño from San Antonio, Texas. I grew a love for running. I was visiting her in 2007 and she invited me to run in her running group. Being it was a day before my birthday I said Let’s Do It! Little did I know we we’re running a 10miler. She prepped me by laying out the plan. We’ll train like the marathoners! she said. Two minutes running one minute walking. And I did it! All the way through she was by my side. Telling me where its best to lay my arms and advance on downhill slopes, etc. She is such a gift. She allowed me to experience such a huge accomplishment with grace and ease. Thanks to her I’ve been running for causes ever since. This 2014 she brought our family together for the RockNRoll Marathon Series! We will do our best to make it a tradition! Rocked the RNR Marathon Series

We Rock5Ks

Denice inspired my niece Kimberly Dominguez-Treviño, from Austin Texas, to finish her 1st Half Marathon. My fifth 5K this year this time for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. My mom at 77 years young finished her third 5K this year and joined to cheer us on. Momma Madrigal Everyone passing the 1st mile marker was received by a warm and proud cheer from Momma Madrigal, my sister Elisa Treviño from McAllen Texas, my dear effervescent niece Jaime Dominguez-Treviño and nephew Ben Treviño both 6 years young. Denice and Ben JaimeNKim RockNRollDKL

For our victory outing we met at Navy Pier with my nephew Josias Torres who traveled with his family from Oswego Illinois. Reunited with my beautiful niece Aracely Torres, and our two mesmerizing babies Mia and Mason. So blessed for her to have orchestrated our reunion for a cause. Family RockNRollMarathon Series

StretchNGrow Denice L. Trevino is Fitness Trainer. Coaches and leads Stretch-n-Grow Classes in San Antonio Texas. Stretch-n-Grow is the world’s largest network of children’s fitness professionals who, each week, teach over one hundred thousand children in hundreds of cities across 15 countries to “Exercise and Eat What’s Wise!” Stretch-n-Grow offers EXERciting programs for kids starting as young as 18 months up to twelve years old. Each Stretch-n-Grow coach is a certified youth fitness specialist and has only one passion – to show our Stars an EXERciting time!

Primrose-logo Kimberly Dominguez-Treviño is the Executive Director at Primerose School in Austin Texas. She is one of the founders and proud fellow Primerose franchisee for building Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts. Primrose is an accredited private preschool that provides a premier educational child care experience. As The Leader in Educational Child Care®, we partner with parents to help children build the right foundation for future learning and life. Our goal is to help children have fun while building Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®.

If you want to see our interview with PacePerMile. Denice and I shared our testimony on our love for running inspiring others to run! And got a Medal for sharing! PacePerMile


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Becky Nishimoto, PA from NorthShore University HealthSystem led a discussion on SUGAR. Dial in Tuesday’s at 5pm 712-432-3092. The Conference code is: 486846.


Here is a quick visual review of what we discussed, Becky will be posting the link to the recording- feel free to listen and dial in next Tuesday- DETOX.

Show support- LIKE us GET MOVE-IVATED w ÁmateAhora/LoveUNow

Questions: I challenge you to check out the SKINNY ON OBESITY led by DR. ROBERT LUSTIG University Of California, San Francisco and ElISSA EPEL from the Center For Obesity Assessment.


how much sugar(2)




ÁmateAhora at Radio Formula 1450AM El Derecho Del Pueblo w Counsel Mateo Katz

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ÁmateAhora at Radio Formula 1450AM El Derecho Del Pueblo w Lawyer Mateo Katz

Ámate Ahora

Running a debrief with Mateo Katz and discussing Vitality, Quality of Your Life, AmateAhora. Race with us July and Team up with us at Nutrimedicos in August. Tune in!








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